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It was a busy work day that I did not even notice it  was almost time to go home. While waiting for the clock to tick seven, me and my colleagues got into a dialogue about food and the restaurants we've tried. Since my seatmate is also a foodie, our chit chat made a left turn to the alley of sweets and pastries, as he asked if I have already tried this bakeshop rumored to supply the pastries of top coffee shops -- Purple Oven. The name was new to me so he immediately showed me pictures of the goodies they offer. He was so enthusiastic about the place (and since I am a fool for sweets), I immediately asked for the location and store hours. 

Luckily, it will open just a few minutes after I've gone from work. Without second thought, I sent hubby a message and asked if we can visit before going home. Hubby, supportive as he is (aside from being a food find hunter as well), agreed to scout it.

We cruised the streets of Makati since I wasn't really sure where we can find Purple Oven. All I can recall was that it was near Sacred Heart of Makati. (Fortunately, hubby was familiar with the place -- Guijo St.) We made a few turns and in no time, there we were! Purple Oven, right in front of Sacred Heart. It was still closed when we arrived so we had to stakeout a couple of minutes. Once the lights were lit inside, we hopped out and got in to see what's in store for us.

Purple Oven Makati
It just opened!
Tucked away from the usual busy streets of Makati, the store sits quiet and humble on the first level of the YMCA Building. As you open the door, the smell of freshly baked goodies will welcome you together with the warm greeting of the in-store staff. Since it was our first time, it took as a while before we were able to order. We wondered on the cakes displayed inside the lines of refrigerators, the loaves on top of the counter, revel bars, brownies, lemon squares and food-for-the-gods. I was hoping to sample as much as I can but since they are more of the buy-and-go type, and not much of a cafe, they didn't offer slices or mini versions of their cakes. Sure, they have some mini cakes but were sold in boxes of 6. Sadly, they also do not have utensils to spare in case you would want to "dine in" but they would gladly offer plastic spoons and forks.

Counter top and refrigerators filled with goodies
Closer look at the counter top

Being a the chocolate lover that I am, I decided to give their Chocolate Lava Cake a try. Six enticing chocolate mini cakes line up on top of a gold cardboard tray (making it look very prestigious), these minis reminded me of Zuzuni's Mati Chocolate Sin. Super moist chocolate cake with a thick and rich chocolate core, capped with more chocolate drizzles and finished off with cocoa powder (more known in the pronunciation of  koh-koh by some). A not-so-sweet treat, despite all the chocolate investment, this is best consumed cold (at least for me) but is recommended to be served warm so you can experience the chocolate lava waiting to flow from the center. 

Gotta love the box! Soooo Christmas time!
Chocolate Lava Cakes - available only in box of 6 for 420php
Up close and personal :D

I was also interested in trying out their Carrot Cake, Chocolate Campfire Cake and Turtle Pie but it'll be too much to buy 'em all at one go. Luckily, the following day, one of my colleagues brought one whole cake of Chocolate Campfire to the office. It's a weird looking cake covered with white icing that is entirely made up of marshies. It has two layers of chocolate cake with chocolate chips swirled into a rich chocolate mousse in the center. Again, a not too sweet treat that will make you ask for more.

Chocolate Campfire for 570php

Purple Oven also offers other goodies such as Sansrival, Lemon Torte, cheesecakes, pies (apple, Banofee, pecan, etc.), cookies, sweet breads, croissants, savory rolls and turnovers. You are sure that everything is freshly baked since they have their kitchen on site. 

Freshly baked
Loaves and other goodies
Purple Oven's Apple Pie
With the lovely store space they have -- white tiles and walls offering a very clean environment, well-lit and ample amount of space to go about -- we will surely go back and try more of their goodies.

I love the L-Shaped counter and the huge windows!
Lovely furniture and menu board!
Wall full of frames
Hubby just can't wait!

---Purple Oven Bakeshop : YMCA Bldg., 7 Sacred Heart St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

***you can also find them here:
---63 Saint Peter St., Oranbo, Pasig City

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  1. WOW!! *drools* :D My faves are their choco campfire cake & grandma's choco cake.

  2. My favorite bakery of all time!


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