Poblacion Pub Crawl: Pura Vida!

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Latin American food is dear to my heart. I just love how colorful their culture is and how they translate this into their food! I also love the laid back and relaxed setting, especially those counties that are along the Caribbean. Good thing I discovered a Latin American gem in Poblacion - Pura Vida!

Pura Vida Poblacion
Pura Vida Reggae Lounge - Poblacion, Makati

Pura Vida x Zomato x foodfanaticph = Tripple YAY!

Pura Vida was the last stop during our Poblacion Pub Crawl! From the outside, it looked like a chill beach house. As soon as you open the door, you'll be greeted by colorful steps and side walls full of posters that are so colorful you'll get mesmerized! 

Pura Vida Poblacion
Welcome to Pura Vida!

Go up the stairs and get ready to be amazed with how they made this place so cozy and chill, relaxed and so laid back! Loved the colorful walls and table tops, the swings by the bar counter and the simple materials like ropes that were used as decorations. It was like an old house by the beach that was turned into a reggae bar! So easy to love!

Pura Vida Poblacion
A look inside Pura Vida!

Pura Vida means "Pure Life". They offer unique cocktails, Costa Rican food and bar chows. Renato Robles, one of the owners, explained each dish to us. He told us that the dishes they serve are typical Costa Rican dishes found all over the country. But what made their food special were the recipes used. These were the recipes of Renato's mom, flavors that he grew up with. 

Appetizers from Pura Vida
An assortment of APPETIZERS!

From the APPETIZERS part of their menu, we tried their Patacones, Ceviche, Cassava Balls, Rice bowl with beans and pork chunks.

Patacones from Pura Vida Poblacion
Patacones for 230Php

A platter of Patacones was served with with a variety of dips. This signature Latin American appetizer is made up of double fried plantains. Crunchy with nothing really special about them, the dips make these fried treats exciting!

Ceviche De Tiquizia from Pura Vida Poblacion
Ceviche De Tiquizia for 250Php

Raw fish cubes cooked in lime juice, mixed with cilantro and an assortment of spices. They added some ginger ale here to make it unique. I liked this! No fishy smell and totally delish!

Encuyados from Pura Vida Poblacion
Encuyados for 230Php

We're used to potato balls or croquettes as appetizers. Pura Vida has the same but instead of potatoes, they used cassava! Filled with cheese, these battered deep fried balls were crunchy outside but soft and warm inside. 

Chifrijo from Pura Vida Poblacion
Chifrijo for 250Php

If you like beans and avo, this bowl's for you! A hefty serving of rice mixed with beans, meat and pico de gallo, topped with generous slices of avo and laced with chips! It's light, and delicious!

Chicharrones Con Yuca from Pura Vida Poblacion
Chicharrones Con Yuca for 220Php

These are nothing but pork chunks, deep fried and served with a dip and some potato wedges. I wish the meat was a bit more tender.

Moving on to their mains, we had the following:

Rice & Beans Con Pollo Caribeno from Pura Vida Poblacion
Rice & Beans Con Pollo Caribeno for 350Php

The Caribbean Rice mixed with beans was delicious! More than just a plain rice with herbs and spices, this was cooked with chicken stock, coconut and beans. Paired with a portion of chicken smothered with Caribbean sauce, this was served with a simple salad and Patacones. 

Casados from Pura Vida Poblacion
Casados for 350Php

A typical Costa Rican lunch, this plate was loaded! Served with rice, beans, plantains, picadillo, a simple salad, white cheese and a meat of your choice - we had Bistec Encebollado or Onion Beefsteak as our protein. The meat was tasty, tender and the picadillo was delicious!

Pura Vida Poblacion
Lucas busy mixing up some awesome cocktails!

Aside from the food, they also prepared some cocktails for us starting with their Signature Cocktails.

Summer Melted Cocktail from Pura Vida Poblacion
Summer Melted for 270Php

Summer Melted has rum x soda water x fresh passion fruit x ginger x lime juice x lemon grass syrup. One sip will give you a refreshing citrus kick! The flavor of the ginger was a pleasant surprise! It cuts through all the citrus flavor and tames the alcohol a bit. 

Healthy Rasta from Pura Vida Poblacion
Healthy Rasta for 270Php

This was my favorite cocktail that night. It's the ultimate beach cocktail! So refreshing and easy on the taste buds, this is the perfect summer drink! 

Health Rasta from Pura Vida Poblacion
Torched Rosemary for some entertainment LOL

A mix of gin x tonic water x basil x lime x fresh peppermint x fresh watermelon, this cocktail was garnished with fresh Rosemary torched in front of you to release the herbs fragrant aroma! 

Tico Rasta Mary from Pura Vida Poblacion
Tico Rasta Mary for 270Php

A different kind of drink, this has tomato juice, vodka, black pepper, lime juice, Lizano and spicy Garapal sauce! It was like Bloody Mary, only thicker.

Chili Guaro from Pura Vida Poblacion
Chili Guaro for 150Php per shot

Then we also tried this unique Pura Vida Signature Shot - Chili Guaro! It was so thick, so spicy and the alcohol was so strong for my liking! Tomato juice x vodka x lemon juice x Garapal sauce - try this if you are the adventurous type!

Pura Vida Poblacion
Renato by the bar!

Overall, the ambiance and the Signature Cocktails are the real winners for me here! If you are trying to escape the buzz of the Metro after a hard day's work or maybe wanting to chill on a weekend, Pura Vida is one place that you should definitely try. It's as if you're not in the busy streets of Poblacion when you're here! Take a hike, climb the stairs and enjoy this Costa Rican Reggae Lounge!

4 out of 5 Stars for Pura Vida!

--- Pura Vida: Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City 

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