R.I.C.H - A Royal Indian Food Treat!

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Once in a while my husband and I would look for an Indian Restaurant where we can indulge ourselves with curry and spices filled dishes. We've always turned to New Bombay when in the Metro just because we never bother to look for another place. Then I heard about Royal Indian Curry House. Friends and foodies alike have been raving about it. Even those who initially didn't like Indian food converted. I thought, it must be really worth the raves!

Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Royal Indian Curry House - Mall of Asia Complex

Been wanting to visit but never had the chance. Good thing a sponsored invite for dinner came about for their newly opened Mall of Asia Branch. Royal Indian Curry House x Zomato x foodfanaticph = a much awaited visit!

Royal Indian Curry House MOA
An Indian Food FEAST!!!!!!

Their marketing head was there when we visited. We learned from her that the Makati branch has 4 floors! A floor dedicated to dining, a sports bar section that houses a billiards table, a floor with function rooms and finally, a floor that has a Filipino touch through a Jeepney bar. She told us that the owners had different ideas when they were starting. Instead of combining all their ideas into a single floor, they decided to create their "own space" through several floors. Everybody happy!

Royal Indian Curry House MOA
A look inside R.I.C.H MOA Complex

Their Mall of Asia branch didn't really have four floors but they still incorporated everything, except the function room, by creating sections. Their Jeepney bar though was located al fresco.

Royal Indian Curry House MOA
More restaurant details

I  must admit that I was excited to try their food. That's the reason why I agreed to travel all the way to MOA on a weekday! As soon as I hopped out of the car, I immediately saw the big signage of R.I.C.H! The restaurant was well lit and had this characteristic elegance. 

Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Look up!

High ceiling, upholstered chairs, drop lamps, ceiling decors, ceramic and metal Buddha here and there plus wood accents on the walls. 

Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Spices to add more flavors to your food!

Most of the dishes that we had weren't spicy at all. You can request for a safe level or go with their normal "spicy" version. You can even go crazy by requesting for super spicy versions! Else, no need to fret because you can always customize the spiciness level of your food through the help of their chili sauce. I like spicy food but not the fiery hot ones and I can tell you that their chili sauce was super spicy!!!!

Biryani, Paneer, Curry, Mutton, Tandoori, etc etc... Let me drill down what we had!

Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani from Royal Indian Curry House
Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani for 499Php

First let's define the words. Mutton is simply the meat of an adult sheep. Hyderabadi is a regional Indian Cuisine and Biryani is one very popular Indian dish that uses long grain Basmati rice. 

Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani from Royal Indian Curry House
Let the feast begin!

So, in this sense, this dish is a rice dish with mutton chunks. This was served in a pot, covered with Naan and came with a side serving of yogurt based sauce. Nothing to wow about it but I liked that the curry was subtle and it was a perfect match for almost all the dishes that night!

Chicken Lababdar from Royal Indian Curry House
Chicken Lababdar for 399Php

Curry and tomatoes, delicate cream and spices - add in some tender chunks of chicken and you'll have this for a treat. The aroma was intoxicating! A mix of spices but with a delicate touch of butter - you would love dipping some Naan into the thick and flavorful sauce! 

Palak Paneer from Royal Indian Curry House
Palak Paneer for 349Php

This dish looked intriguing, almost bordering scary. Why? It's because of the super rich green color! It's also vegetarian and I swear, it didn't looked appetizing at all. Spinach is the culprit of the green color. Cooked with garlic, garam masala and some other spices, this had cubes of what I first thought were tofu but found out later that they were cottage cheese or Paneer. So not judge this dish by it's looks because it was absolutely delicious!

Chicken Tandoori from Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Chicken Tandoori for 379Php

This was my least favorite. Chicken that have been marinated in yogurt, lemon, ginger, garlic and spices with black rum - the chicken pieces were tender but something I didn't fancy. Maybe it was the marinade? The flavors? 

Laal Maas from Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Laal Maas for 499Php

This was one of my favorites that night. The sauce was thick and very rich! It had the right amount of curry mixed with an assortment of spices, chili paste and some hints of coriander. The chunks of mutton were so tender as well.

Hara Bhara Kebab from Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Hara Bhara Kebab for 349Php

Spinach vegetarian kebab with Cottage cheese, I didn't like this one. Lacking in flavor plus the mushed spinach did not sit well with my taste buds.

Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken from Royal Indian Curry House MOA
Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken for 399Php

If you shall order only one dish from R.I.C.H, THIS SHOULD BE IT! Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken is something I have never tried before but I have to tell you, just one spoonful and I was hooked! The rich flavor of butter in a tomato gravy cooked with cream went so well together! The chicken chunks were tender but the winner was really the sauce! Load up with lots of Cheese Naan because this dish alone will satisfy!

Butter Naan for 129Php | Cheese Naan for 169Php

Skip the Butter Naan and go for the Cheese Naan because it is super cheesy! It's best paired with any of the curry dishes because CHEESE! Makes everything taste better!

Strawberry Lasi from Royal Indian Curry House
Strawberry Lasi

Also tried their Strawberry Lasi for my drink. It was delicious - thick yogurt, refreshing strawberry. But this didn't sit well with my tummy since I felt really bad after.

Gulab Jamun from Royal Indian Curry House
Gulab Jamun

For dessert, we tried Gulab Jamun. It was basically a small ball of milky sponge cake soaked in a rose scented sweet syrup, garnished with almond flakes. 

Gulab Jamun from Royal Indian Curry House MOA
A look inside this tiny ball of milk and cake

It was good but can get cloying because it was too sweet.

Overall, I liked our Royal Indian dinner treat! I can confidently say that I haven't had Indian food this good! If you love Indian food, this place is a must visit for you!

4 out of 5 Stars for Royal Indian Curry House!

--- Royal Indian Curry House: Building G9-14, SM By The Bay, Seaside Boulevard, MOA, Pasay City

***you can also find them here: 5345 General Luna Street, Poblacion, Makati City

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