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Creamy Truffle - The New Shake Shake Fries Flavor from McDonald's!

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 2 June 2017 | 11:47

Have you tried the new Shake Shake Fries flavors?

Shake Shake Fries made it's comeback this year with new flavors! Launched on the 2nd of May, they offered the following flavors: Creamy Truffle, Cheddar & Sour Cream and BBQ.

Creamy Truffle Shake Shake Fries
Creamy Truffle Shake Shake Fries from McDonald's PH

Being a truffle lover, I was excited to try Creamy Truffle. Just a day after the new flavors were launched, I urged the husband to bring us to McDo. I loved the Garlic Butter flavor last time and I was hoping that since I love truffle, I'll go crazy about this flavor.

Creamy Truffle Shake Shake Fries
Let's start shakin'!

Verdict: this was okay. I mean it's an olfactory treat alright but falls short in terms of the truffle flavor. Well, that's my opinion because I like my truffle strong. Though my husband who doesn't really fancy truffle said it was good.

Also tried the Sour Cream Cheddar flavor but it was too sour and salty for me. Will pick the Creamy Truffle anytime but Garlic Butter is still the best! Hope they'll bring it back!

3 out of 5 Stars for Creamy Truffle Shake Shake Fries!

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