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In times when the world gets too busy and you get so occupied with work and life, you just can’t help but scream for a time out. Most times, food is the comfort that brings me back to sanity. About a month ago, hubby went home with a surprise that made my heart overly delighted -– cream puffs! I’ve been holding on to that memory ever since and had been wanting to visit the place. Yesterday was actually the perfect time –- all spent and denying the fact that it’s already Monday.

Happy Cream Puff, Makati
Right outside the store
Corner lot :p

Hubby brought me to Happy Cream Puff in Makati. The place was modest but it was surely a productive space. There were a couple of tables and chairs (even couches), a cashier area and a display for the cream puffs, ├ęclairs and other simple wonders brought about from the kitchen just behind. The comfort that the place brings is unforgettable as it is adorned with the smell of freshly baked cream puffs, freshly whipped cream, custard filling, a room out of reality, peace from the busy life and very cozy lighting.

The counter and the display
View from our corner, facing the entrance
View from the entrance
We gave the following a try.

Petit Cream Puffs - box of 14 for 250php or 20php per pc.
One happy box of assorted flavors of cream puffs, each variant delivers a smile! The perfectly baked choux pastry (light pastry dough from our friends, the French) is so light that it melts in your mouth and blends well with the rich, thick and creamy custard filling that boasts of vanilla flavor (vanilla beans are actually boiled together with the base milk ingredient).
My favorite pieces hitting the screen!
A glimpse at the other end of the line
My favorites are cocoa powder puff (a cream puff caressed with dark chocolate and topped with cocoa powder), almond caramel (the cream puff lavished with caramel and crowned with roasted almond), walnut caramel (cream puff embraced by caramel and adorned with roasted walnut) and their classic plain.

Eclair for 35php
A look at what's inside
A thin long pastry made from the same sumptuous choux dough as their cream puff cousins. It is filled with the same lovely custard cream and then topped with rich, endearing chocolate -- you can never go wrong with eclairs! A snack that you can bring anywhere and feel glad as you take each bite.

Mango Nama Choux for 95php
Out from their Nama Choux Series, this one is oh so refreshing! A newly baked puff filled with fresh mangoes beautifully swirled into the freshly whipped cream, this one is so good that I finished mine in about a minute! Simple and cool, it sweeps you off your feet from the busy-body world to bring that feeling I can only describe in one word: nice.

Strawberry Fruit Shake for 65php
Cinnamon and Chocolate Toasted Puff for 100php
The store also offers some fresh fruit shakes (banana, mango and strawberry), hot tea, coffee, bottled iced tea and canned sodas. We gave their strawberry shake a go. They also have some toasted puff packed in plastic containers which are perfect as gift items or treats you can munch on anytime.

Croquembouche - from 1500php to 3000php depending on the size
Another interesting item that they have here is their Croquembouche which is more like a cream puff tower. This made-to-order treat is perfect for parties and special occasions and can substitute the usual cupcake tower or even serve as your cake!

Happy Cream Puff! - box of 14 :)
Overall, the goodies are something that I would always find comfort from and the place is a perfect escape from the very busy day-to-day (Makati) life.

---Happy Cream Puff : Unit G-16 Rada Regency, Rada corner Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

***you can also find them here:
---THE ZONE 7224 Malungay Street, corner Buendia, Bel Air, Makati City
---Unit G-16 Rada Regency, Rada corner Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

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