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It was a Sunday evening and we were so hungry after attending Sunday Church. Hubby took charge of looking for a place where we have not dined yet. It was becoming a long drive and I noticed that we were headed towards Quezon City. Hubby remembered that I have been wanting to try Kopi Tiam in Horseshoe Village. Whenever I pass by Kopi Tiam (when I was still working in Eastwood City), I can't help but notice it's tucked-away-from-the-busy-Metro look. It looks so cozy and relaxed with lush greenery in front. Very appealing.

Clean in every corner
There is wood everywhere!
Inside the restaurant, the lighting was nice and warm with wooden pieces all around. It even has this low rise second level with very shiny wood flooring. You will also notice that each corner is clean. 

In a not so good mood
Checking out the menu with her daddy
We checked out their menu for awhile and decided to give the following a try.

Boneless Chicken Curry Noodles for 208php
Noodles with some potatoes, carrots, peppers, chicken chunks and curry. The noodles were cold, smitten and stuck together, as if the chef was in a hurry preparing the dish. The curry, bland and could have been better if the chef added a bit more into the dish to give its expected flavor. We did not enjoy this one (wished we had ordered something else).

Honey Glazed Pork Spare Ribs for 188php
Four pieces of poorly served pork spare ribs, this dish is flavorful but could have been better if it was served nicely. The spareribs were marinated, glazed with honey and then grilled. 

Salted Fish Fried Rice for 158php
I ordered this rice dish simply because I love North Park's Salted Fish Fried Rice with Chicken. Fried rice flavored with salted fish, but it's funny how it doesn't have the salted fish pieces. I must say that they taste almost the same but I still prefer the North Park counterpart with all the bits I can chomp on.

Clear soup for 38phph
Soup for the little girl who was not in the mood to eat. Nothing really special -- tastes like your complimentary soup from some other restaurants. 

Milk Tea Gulaman for 85php
Chowking's Naicha is by far better than this. Brewed tea with milk and black gulaman, the tea taste was so stale and lacking that made me come to the conclusion of them actually using their house tea. Clearly, I was disappointed having it far from my expectations.

Storm for 118php
The menu said that this desert is "A must try!" I beg to differ! It's just halo-halo with a twist. Made up of finely shaved ice with bananas, ube, sago, jack fruit and leche flan. Instead of the usual evaporated milk, Kopi Tiam used cream -- which did not really appeal to me.

So, I must say that the place is something to go back to but the food is not. Or maybe we just didn't order their best sellers. Seriously, I would rather go to North Park.

--- NP Kopi Tiam 3C Benitez St., Brgy. Horseshoe Village, Cubao, Quezon City

***you can also find them here:
---Green Valley Country Club Brgy Ugong, Pasig City inside Green Valley Bowling and Billiards

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