Dirty Yogart

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 31 October 2011 | 12:35

Frozen Yogurt, I think, will stay in the market for a little bit longer not only because it's one healthy alternative from the usual calorie loaded deserts like ice cream and cakes but also because of how entrepreneurs have reinvented the way yogurt is now served. Yogurt stores offer more than just the treat, providing an nice atmosphere and ambiance where you can sit back, relax and enjoy before heading out to the busy metro once again. Another trend in the yogurt business nowadays is the concept of "self serve" which gives customers the freedom to choose and have it their way.

Recently, a yogurt store opened near our area -- Dirty Yogart. I've been wanting to visit the store but since it was near our house, we always had the next time excuse. The name of the store is quite catchy, reminding me of dirty ice cream (which is coined to the local yummy ice cream sold in the streets when we were young).

Dirty Yogart

Looking from the outside of the store, you will instantly notice that the place looks so neat because everything is painted white. Upon entering, you'll see that everything is simple and nifty. From the counter to the tables and chairs, the menu and the decors -- there is no exaggeration, an overall pallid, no-grit clean feel is there.

View near the entrance door
View from the other end of the store
Their Menu
Dirty Ice cream style
Dirty Yogart!

The deal of the game here is "self-serve." There is a section that gives you the steps -- for yogurt in a cup or in a cone. Then there are three nicely propped yogurt dispensers, each dispensing its own assigned flavor, and two tables with variety of toppings that you can freely choose from. After indulging in your own combination, it's time to weigh it and pay it!

You can opt for Yogurt in a cone instead of the usual cup
Farthest dispenser had UBE, middle one had the "FLAVOR OF THE WEEK" which was MELON and the nearest had PLAIN TART
Toppings: crushed graham, candy sprinkles, almonds, wallnuts, mochi, nips, etc.
A closer look

We got ourselves a cup of plain tart since I wanted to judge the base flavor itself. As usual, I opted for almond shavings as our topping while hubby requested for candy sprinkles for the little girl (or himself). The yogurt was tart, as I expected, but not too tangy. It is smooth and surprisingly, it's not icy! This is by far the best value for money yogurt in town and will surely be our next favorite destination (given it's proximity from  home :D)!

Our cup! Plain Tart yogurt for 16php per ounce - total damage for this cup is 108php
Yogurt for two!
Little girl is fighting for her spoon :)
The satisfied grin :)

It's also worth mentioning that the staff here were friendly and we actually asked them if they have other branches. For now, they don't -- the business is just starting. So, if in case you are passing by Bicutan, you can drop by, take a turn towards Better Living and look for the store which is just after Yellow Cab and right next to Army Navy. 

Store hours:

--- Dirty Yogart : Doña Soledad Ave cor Afghanistan St, Better Living, Bicutan, Parañaque City, Metro Manila

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