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Written By clapalisoc on Saturday 29 October 2011 | 15:55

I am currently in a trance for anything green tea. I have had enough of green tea drinks from Starbucks and Happy Lemon and am now looking for some green tea flavored cookies, cakes and other pastries or sweet finds. 

Green tea is something that is not readily appealing to the public. It's not as pleasing as chocolate or caramel and it's a matter of acquired taste - especially my favorite Geen Tea Macha. For the next few weeks, I plan on hunting for every single green tea goodness that I can find in the market. You bet that I will share each and every journey of my taste buds and the experience that goes with every discovery.

So here is the first installment. 

As I was scanning through my Facebook account for some Halloween giveaways, I came across the site of Denieza Yu. She was well prepared for the coming holiday and had Halloween sugar cookie packages available. As I checked out her other products, I was delighted to see that she has green tea cookies in her menu! I immediately ordered for one dozen and got really excited to sample her green tea cookies.

Green Tea Cookies with Chocolate Chips
One Dozen for 200php
Perfectly baked cookies that were soft to the bite and chewy. One thing notable is that the green tea flavor was scarce. The cookies had chocolate chips which I think overpowered the supposed to be green tea flavor of the cookies. But nevertheless, the cookies were delicious but would have been far more better if another ounce of green tea was added.

Anyway, I am heading out today to check out Bread Talk and I'm excited (yet again) to sample their Green Tea cake!

--- Cupcakesinc ByDen (Denieza Yu) : find her at Facebook

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