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Mango Tree In BHS Central has been one of those restaurants that I've always wanted to go to but never had a chance. My family doesn't fancy Thai Cuisine as much as I do so it's quite risky to get ourselves into a place that looks expensive. But Thai food warms my soul each time. I love how they incorporate heat, coconut milk, curry and cilantro into their dishes. I love Pad Thai, Mango and Sticky Rice and of course Thai Milk Tea! Great thing I got an email for a sponsored dinner in Mango Tree, courtesy of looloo

Mango Tree High Street Central
Mango Tree in BHS Central

We got to the restaurant around 7PM, on a Thursday. Blown away by the huge space they occupy, with a second floor to boot, the restaurant screams elegance and sophistication. Leather bound menu, well dressed tables, open kitchen, high ceiling, warm lighting and sophisticated interiors. I must admit that the place was a little intimidating. 

Mango Tree BGC Store details
A peek at the restaurant details of Mango Tree in BGC

It's the type of restaurant that has big aisles and tables amply apart from each other that you wouldn't have a chance to eavesdrop the conversation of the next group. Can I also say that I loved their thick ceiling to floor drapes? Makes the ambiance a little more formal but privy.

Mango Tree BGC Store Details
More store details!

Karen and Betsy welcomed us that night. Betsy, their Marketing Manger, stayed with us the entire time and we liked how chatty and fun she was. 

Thai Iced Milk Tea from Mango Tree BGC
Thai Iced Tea for 90Php

We started the night with our choice drinks and I immediately got myself a glass of Thai Iced Tea which I absolutely loved! Cold and refreshing, it had the signature bitterness coming from the brewed Ceylon Tea, sweetened by condensed milk. I can go for seconds!

I also got the chance to try the cocktails chosen by my friends --

Chili Mojito from Mango Tree
Chili Mojito for 250Php

White rum, lemon juice and soda with mint and chopped red chili - I tell you, this was good! The chili will not kick right away and will catch you down your throat. Refreshing and something different.

Hennessy Mango Lemonade from Mango Tree
Hennessy Mango Lemonade for 350Php

One of their special cocktail, this didn't have a strong alcohol kick but was refreshing nonetheless, thanks to the mango concentrate that it came with.

Miang Kham from Mango Tree
Miang Kham for 380Php

Onto the food, they had us try their best selling appetizer - Miang Kham. It's a do it your own kind of appetizer with all the components served separately. You need to assemble one for you to enjoy - which was kinda fun. 

Miang Kham from Mango Tree
My small packet of good stuff!

Fold a sesame leaf to resemble an envelope and fill the pocket with the ingredients: Miangkam sauce > toasted coconut > lime > peanuts > ginger and onion > dried shrimps and more Miangkam sauce. Fold the leaf to keep all the ingredients inside and dunk the whole thing into your mouth! As you take a bite, an explosion of flavors will greet you. The strong minty profile of the leaf, a combination of textures and a play of sweet and salty flavors. I loved this!

Tom Kha Gai from Mango Tree
Tom Kha Gai for 420Php

Then we tried their Tom Kha Gai which was like Tom Yum but had coconut milk. It's the kind of soup that I can have every night! It was sour with some sweetness, lots of tender chicken chunks, mushrooms, some chili oil, strong ginger and lots of cilantro. 

Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree from Mango Tree
Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree for 980Php

After a hearty soup, the star of the feast was served - Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree. A bowl big enough for sharing, this dish had generous heaping of crab meat! Stir-fried with some onions, yellow curry and chili, the strong crab flavor made this dish delightful. I'm telling you, this could make you eat a lot of rice!

Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now from Mango Tree, sea bass
Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now for 980Php

Another star of the night, at least for me, was the steamed sea bass - Pla Krapong Neung Ma Now. A whole sea bass that was steamed with nothing but fresh garlic, chili, lime and cilantro. This was super good I wasn't able to stop eating. I loved the sour soup, the strong cilantro, the perfectly steamed fish that was soft and sweet. If you like fish dishes, I urge you to try this. Huge serving, I'm sure your family will love this too!

Khao Ob Supparod, Pineapple Fried Rice
Khao Ob Supparod for 550Php

We also got to try their Pineapple Fried Rice - Khao Ob Supparod. Served in a pineapple boat, it had some veggies, raisins, chicken chunks, pineapple bits and mild curry. It's sweetness was from the fruit and can be eaten without any viand.

Phad Thai Goong from Mango Tree
Phad Thai Goong for 480Php

Eating in a Thai restaurant will never be complete without a serving of Phad Thai. beautifully plated with plump and juicy prawns, this was just okay. It had all the Phad Thai essentials but a bit too much tofu and was a tad sweet for my liking.

For dessert, we had the following --

Khao Niew Ma Muang, Mango and Sticky Rice
Khao Niew Ma Muang for 280Php

My favorite Thai dessert - Mango Sticky Rice! I love the combination of the tropical flavors - refreshing ripe mangoes x coconut milk - super good! 

Khao Niew Ma Muang from Mango Tree
A closer look at my favorite Thai dessert!

Mango Tree's version used black rice for the sweetened sticky rice. It worked! I liked that the sticky rice wasn't very sticky and that the coconut milk sauce was thick and rich.

Tako Khao Phod from Mango Tree
Tako Khao Phod for 220Php

It was my first time to try this Thai dessert - Tako Khao Phod - and I loved it too! Squares of coconut custard wrapped in pandan leaves with sweet corn kernels - I loved that the coconut custard was light and had just the right amount of cream. Also loved the crunchy squares at the bottom - they added texture to the dessert. This reminded me  of a Kapampangan dessert - tibok tibok.

Thai Iced Coffee from Mango Tree
Thai Iced Coffee for 90Php

Before we ended the lovely dinner, we asked for some Thai Iced Coffee. The strong coffee was somehow masked by the sweet milk. Not bad but I will choose the Thai Iced Tea over this at any time.

It was indeed a great dinner! Loved the ambiance of the place and the food! Their price range is on the higher scale but the portions and quality of food will definitely make up for it.

5 out of 5 Stars for Mango Tree!

--- Mango Tree: G/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave. cor. 28th St., BGC, Taguig City

***you can also find Mango Tree Bistro here:

--- 4/F TriNoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City
--- 2/F Greenbelt 3, Makati Ave. cor. Esperanza St., Ayala Center, Makati City

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