Freezer Burn - The New Ice Cream Shop in Town!

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The newest ice cream shop in BGC offers more than just ice cream. They pair their cold treats with hot snacks. A concept that's been lurking around the food scene, mostly for skillet cookies a la mode or lava cakes a la mode - it's easy to love such! 

Freezer Burn Bonifacio High Street
Enter the Freezer!

Freezer for ice cream x Burn for hot food - Freezer Burn! Another brainchild of the genius people behind HITWWrong RamenLe Petit Souffle and Fowl Bread - Tasteless Group did a good job on this, yet again! Their concept is more than just the a la mode type. They managed to create ice cream flavors that will match fried or baked snacks favorites!

Ice Cream Selection of Freezer Burn
Ice Cream Selection of Freezer Burn

They have about 8 flavors of ice cream that you can sample before deciding - mint, butter, chocolate, brown butter pecan, corn and cheese and the odd ones - ketchup mayo, maple bacon and cookies & junk food. Sampled all except corn and cheese and Maple Bacon. Can I just say that they make mean ice cream?!? Seriously!

Mint Ice Cream from Freezer Burn
The Best Mint Stracciatella Scoop for 150Php

The Best Mint Stracciatella reminded me of Andes. Hubby went for this and got a single scoop in a cone. Strong mint ice cream with chocolate shards, it's perfect for mint and chocolate lovers!

Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream
Ketchup Mayo Fries for 295Php

Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream had vanilla as it's base. As odd as it sounds, it was actually good! The sweetness of the ice cream, the sourness of the ketchup and mayo - they magically went well in a cold form! My friend Roy got the combo with fries and for 295Php. I would suggest that you get the ice cream alone because for extra 145Php, the fries were ordinary and overpriced! I wish they can do something about this combo though. McDo fries will go well with this ice cream though lol

Brown Butter Pecan ice Cream
1 Scoop (w/ cone) for 150Php, 1 Scoop (w/ cone) + 2 Toppings for 180Php 

Brown Butter Pecan was a winner too! My friend Jai got a scoop of this in a cup. I love Butter Pecan ice cream, even those that are usually found in supermarkets. This one is the best so far! The strong butter taste mixed well with rich caramel and nutty pecan! Such a treat!

Butter Ice Cream, G'Day Mate
G' Day Mate for 295Php

Girl friend Reich got the Butter Ice Cream in a combo - G'Day Mate which came with a Sticky Date Pudding. The ice cream reminded me so much of Butterball candy! Sweet with a rich butter flavor, this went well with the equally yummy date pudding! The pudding wasn't sweet but it was moist and delicious. It complimented the buttery sweet ice cream well.

Cookies and Junk Food Ice Cream
1 Scoop (w/cone) + 3 Toppings for 190Php, Sampler Bowl w/ 4 Scoops of Ice Cream for 395Php

When I saw cookies and junk food, I was thinking along the line of sweet ice cream with salty junk food which is a knock out combo. Turned out that the "junk food" part was sweet junk food like chocolates, wafer, etc. This was okay. Least favorite I must say.

Chocolate Ice Cream and Churros
Ola! for 295Php

The highlight of my visit was the Chocolate Ice Cream. Not for those who like their chocolate milky because this one packs some dark chocolate goodness! It's so rich and thick, sweet and bitter, it's sinfully good! I got the combo with Churros and I must say that the ice cream itself was like the chocolate dip of La Lola! Seriously! The combo came with some vanilla, a sprinkling of salt and a cookie that was buttery and good! Get a piece of the warm, cinnamon-sugar coated churro, "dip" it into the cold and thick ice cream and oh la la! Really good! The vanilla will break the richness of the ice cream a little - it's a good addition to this combo. Note that this ice cream can get cloying so it's best shared.

Freezer Burn Store details
Main counter and the open kitchen!

Freezer Burn is located near Fowl Bread. It is eye catching since it's very well-lit with pastel hues of mostly green and blue. Being inside the store was like being inside a ref.There were also a lot of ref magnets! Loved the overall clean and neat look of the store!

Freezer Burn store details
A peek inside Freezer Burn!

Freezer Burn store details
More details...

I liked Freezer Burn! Definitely coming back for more. Chef Miko was there and he was amazingly accommodating! He entertained all of our questions and shared that they'll be introducing more ice cream flavors soon.

4 out of 5 Stars for Freezer Burn!

--- Freezer Burn:G/F B2, Bonifacio High Street, 11th Ave. cor. 28th St., BGC, Taguig City

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