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Wrong Ramen - The Right Kind of Ramen

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 15 May 2013 | 08:30

It was around 11pm when we got out of Regine's Spa for our Sunday Family Spa Day. We had a really great time - body massage, facial scrub, diamond peel and facial mask. The overall service took about 3 hours. The little girl was just there, in her own robe and bed, watching and asking some questions until she fell asleep. We felt so refreshed, ready for the week ahead, but we got so famished too. Hubby decided to drive around BGC for a quick bite. The little girl had a special request - she wanted some rice and sabaw.

Wrong Ramen - Burgos Circle, BGC
Recovery food was the only 24/7 non-Jollibee & non-McDonald's place we saw and we were not in the mood for it. We went to Burgos Circle to try our luck. There were a couple of open restaurants but we opted to settle in Wrong Ramen because I've seen a lot of good reviews about it and there was a Looloo sticker on their door! Whiw!

Salt and Pepper in Battery Containers - NICE!
Condiments and Tissue
The store concept was fun - list of places where they wish they had branches, Darth Vader looking down at some crazy climbers, salt and pepper in battery like containers & humor inflicted posters.

Their menu was shy, since it was just a soft opening menu, but the dishes were amazingly delicious! We got the following --

Tantanmen Ramen for 395php
A bowl of spicy but rich Ramen with black sesame seeds, shredded chasyu and ground pork. It was nutty and tasty. The noodle was not the instant kind. One bite and you'll know that you're getting the handmade real noodle type.

Rich Tonkotsu for 395php
Rich and milky soup made from pork bone and chicken broth. It was served with slices of Chasyu. I liked this better than Tantanmen.

Chasyu Rice Rolls for 145php
From another angle!
Shredded chasyu with some lettuce and onions and rolled in rice wraps. It was served ponzu sauce. This one was light and refreshing. A shy away from the usual Maki and Sushi.

Sweet Potato Iced Tea for 85php
Iced tea with the komote after taste! Interesting drink.

At first you'll think that the servings were huge but when you start eating, you'll realize that you can actually finish a bowl! Yay! How can something wrong taste that good?!? Nice marketing strategy. If you say that you're serving the wrong kind of Ramen, "made by idiots who think they're better than Japanese cooks", then the expectations will tone down. At the end of the day, you'll get satisfied customers.

Enjoying her "drum set"
Spot the Looloo Sticker!
Overall, we liked the food and the ambiance so much! Though the floor space was small, they had a second floor to boot. I didn't get the chance to peek but hubby said it was lined with long tables that had some dividers - typically seen in restaurants in Japan. Wrong Ramen has become my new go to Ramen House - the nearest by far from home. I'm excited to see their full menu!

--- Wrong Ramen: Forbes Town Center, Forbes Town Rd., BGC, Taguig City

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