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The Red Velvet Craze - Pancake House's Take

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 10 May 2013 | 15:43

I love Pancake House and there's no doubt about that. Each pancake I've tried from their menu was a hit. These past days, I've been seeing reviews about their Red Velvet Pancake. I've also seen a billboard of it which made me decide to try it out.

Good thing hubby decided to eat out for lunch. I right away suggested Pancake House. I had a mission and would want that accomplished right away! 

I didn't even look into their menu anymore. As hubby ordered for our usual Spaghetti and Pan Chicken, I confidently asked for their Regal Red Velvet Pancake.

Regal Red Velvet for 280php
It took them a little while to serve my order. But when it came out, it was plated so beautifully! Mini pancake layers smothered with cream cheese in between, finished off with some more cream cheese frosting, chopped walnuts and dusted with powdered sugar. It was lovely.

Designer Pancake - Regal Red Velvet
I was so excited and took a big slice but stopped and tried to comprehend what I was eating....it was supposed to be red velvet, right?!? The pancakes were soft and fluffy but they tasted watery? Very bland. The cream cheese was the only thing I can taste and oh of course! The chocolate chips! I suppose the chocolate chips were there to give the chocolate kick which is the signature of red velvet. But then again, I didn't like it.

Even the little girl loved the presentation
Again, major Red Velvet fail. I'll call it the Red Colored Chocolate Chip Pancake Stack! I had to finish the whole thing because I didn't want to throw away 280php. I just erased the thought that it's supposed to be red velvet. In any case, the frosting was good and I love walnuts!

Good thing hubby ordered our favorites --

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce for 267php (L)
The best spaghetti in town! The sauce was not saucy, as you would usually get from other restaurants, and had generous serving of meat! It had the right spices to it and I love how the sweetness was balanced with some sour kick. A visit to Pancake House will never be complete without ordering this.

3 Pieces Pan Chicken for 213php
Another best of it's kind in the market! Perfectly crispy pan fried chicken. It's very well complimented by their signature thick gravy. It has this homey taste that I won't trade for anything else. 

Pancake House will always be a favorite restaurant for me. They offer a whole lot of comfort food, making you feel at home. The breakfast all day theme is also something that I favor. Pancakes, eggs and bacon at anytime of the day! I seriously hope that the next Designer Pancake that they will come up with this May will be better than this Regal Red Velvet. We'll see...

--- Pancake House : checkout their website for more info and to locate the store nearest your place

*** http://www.pancakehouse.biz/

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  1. Love their spaghetti! I'm not a fan of red velvet stuff so i'd pass on this. :)

  2. Don't worry, I wish I'd pass on their red velvet panake too! Hahahah!


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