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Krazy Garlic - Crazy about Garlic!

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 21 May 2013 | 14:20

It was a laid back Mother's day weekend and we literally slept through the whole day. We felt our tummies rumble when darkness crept in which was the cue for hubby and I to get going. The little girl was busy with the grand parents. Ready for the dinner date, we decided to invite the in laws.

Resorts World is one of the nearest reliable places from home. Once we got there, we immediately noticed that it was packed than usual. Even before heading out, I have already decided to go for Krazy Garlic. We have only tried Krazy Garlic once and we had a pretty good experience so we wanted to revisit the place. When we got their, we were third on the wait list and we opted to be seated inside the restaurant. It took about 30 minutes before we were able to settle in.

We checked their menu and made an advanced order for appetizers - Chicken Wrap and Sisig Sliders. We also ordered for dessert to be served after our meals. To our surprise, one main dish came in first. I followed up for the appetizers and minutes later, they served dessert. I was so pissed off but tried to maintain my cool. I asked the manager to please get their act together, declined the dessert and asked for the hot tea and appetizers to be served. After another 5-10 minutes of wait time, we had our appetizers.

Krazy Garlic Lettuce Wrap for 395php
This was just okay. Better than CPK but PF Chang's version is still the best. The chicken veggie mix had some caramelized garlic, garlic chips, coconut flakes and mango cubes. It was served with three different sauces - chili sauce, garlic ranch (that tasted like the shawarma white sauce) & hoisin (that tasted like siopao sauce!). It came with some lettuce leaves, not the iceberg type to my disappointment, and some pita bread.

Pork Sisig Sliders for 205php
This was good! Crunchy sisig that has the right saltiness, in small soft buns, served with garlic nacho chips! I will definitely order this again next time!

Moving on to the mains, we got the following -

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza at 525php
A simple yet delicious pizza made up of a base tomato sauce with asiago and mozzarella cheese. Half of the pizza was topped with prime prosciutto slices and half with arugula leaves. A different way to enjoy pizza!

Fettuccine Oriente for 450php
Good enough for sharing! The fettuccine was wider and thicker than usual. The pasta had a creamy seafood sauce with shrimps and mussels. It was delicious!

Tuna Belly for 425php
Hot off the grill! Prime tuna belly, topped with green chiles and garlic. I didn't like this one. I think they grilled it too much making it a little burnt and hard, outside. Nonetheless, when you sample the meat behind the grilled surface, you'll get a soft and well seasoned tuna. It was served with a soy-vinegar sauce.

Fried Calamari for 315php
I wish we didn't order this. There was too much garlic in each piece giving it a bitter taste. I wish they've added something more into the coating.

Chinese Style Fried Rice for 395php
More like our favorite YangChow, but this one didn't have any shrimps in it. It had Chinese sausage instead.

Crepe Dynamite for 395php
Ripe mango, banana and peach wrapped in their house special crepe, layered with Nutella! Each roll was then topped with roasted candied garlic and roasted pecan. It also came with a big scoop of mango ice cream. It was refreshing and really delicious! Fresh fruits with Nutella, ftw!

The branch in Greenbelt is more spacious than this. To accommodate the crowd, they needed to set-up tables right outside the restaurant. Good thing that RW has a really nice ambiance even in the common mall space. 

Overall, it was a pleasant visit despite the crappy service onset of our dinner. The manager and servers were very mindful of our needs. Being a part of the Bistro Group, you have the assurance that customer service is above average, and it was. They made sure that we enjoyed our food.

**It's always best to celebrate good times and good food with family! Yay!**

--- Krazy Garlic: 2nd Level, New Port Mall, New Port Resorts World, Pasay City

***you can also find them here:
--- 2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
--- Ground Floor, Town Plaza, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

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