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BONO - The Artisanal Gelato

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 10 May 2013 | 10:58

It was an ordinary afternoon and I was left with nothing else to do. I decided to read a book but saw my phone. In a matter of seconds, I was looking into the entries of people I follow in Looloo. I saw that Abe just reviewed Bono. I've seen a lot of entries with good ratings about this Artisanal Gelato store and have been wanting to try it but haven't really done so. I guess I wasn't that interested until I found out that they have Green Tea flavor! Yay! That was the kicker!

Without even thinking twice, I grabbed my little one, persuaded my hubby to go with us and headed off to Makati. Destination - 2/F SM Makati.

Well lit and very lively concept
Love all the colors!
I didn't even have any idea where it was located in SM so right after parking in Glorietta 4, we went straight to the link going to SM. As soon as we entered SM, Bono was there waiting for us! Wooohooo! No need to wander and loiter around the mall to get to our target destination!

We tried the following --

Double Scoop - Green Tea Macha with Speculoos on top
Green Tea Macha with Adzuki BeansPure love!  Macha fan right over here! I thought Gelatissimo's version was the best in town but I guess I found the bestest! Strong Macha flavor with just the right amount of dairy to give it a balance. Most would find this too strong but IMO, it's the right way to enjoy Macha. The Adzuki Beans were not even needed to be there but in any case, they added texture to the gelato.

Small Cereal and Milk
Cereal and MilkGreat innovation. I have to admit that they were able to capture the taste of cereals drenching in milk, usually the left over type. It gets more interesting because of the cereal pieces. Awesome! I actually hate when my cereals become soggy but I realized that if the concept is coined as a gelato flavor, it's a knock out hit!

Speculoos - generous heaping of Speculoos bits and pieces!
SpeculoosGood gracious! This one was soooo good too! It had generous heaping of Speculoos. You see, it's been several months now since I started to hunt for this uber famous, most blogged and IG-ed cookie butter. The nearest I've gotten into is this gelato. No wonder people are going crazy about it. Hah! It is sweet, caramelicious and has hints of cinnamon in it. Oh pretty please .... send me some Speculoos! For the mean time, I will stick with Bono's Speculoos Gelato.

The little girl is giddy to take a spoonful!
BONO - from the word Buono!
The Little Girl & The Hubby
Their base gelato had a smooth and creamy texture, contrary to other gelato shops that has an icy texture. This says a lot about the quality of their product. For 130php per scoop, Bono is expensive! But I'm not really complaining because it's obvious that they know their stuff, they're good at it and they're confident enough to raise the bar higher.

Price List
They are also the first gelato shop I've seen that do not display their gelato flavors in glass freezers. Most, if not all, would even put decorations into each gelato flavor to make them look more enticing. Bono keeps the gelato in "Pozzetto" cabinets allowing minimal exposure to air and light. They're confident enough about their products that they need not display them to get the attention of the people. Another interesting section of their store was the "Laboratorio." Here, you're able to peek through how they make their gelato. They've got this expensive looking gelato maker!

Look at their Pozzetto Cabinets!
Gelato Maker!
I think the only down side of this store is the location. Since it's not enclosed and right beside the entrance/exit doors, it's exposed to a lot of noise and chaos. It could have been better if they have an enclosed shop that's cozy. Somewhere you can just sit back and relax. In any case, I would still go back to try their other flavors.

--- Bono - Artisanal Gelato : 2/F SM Makati, Ayala Center, Makati City

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