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Cookbook Kitchen - A Rendezvoos Treat

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 2 May 2013 | 14:17

Bowling makes you hungry. I mean, playing bowling and winning makes one soul hungry! 

It was a Saturday well spent. I got invited by the Looloo crew into their RENDEZVOOS. It's were they gather active Looloo users and treat them out. I guess I was eating out a lot that's why I got invited! 

Me and my fellow "rendezvooers" had so much fun winning over the Looloo crew. But more than just the physical activity, a true Looloo blooded foodie would always be excited for the gastronomic treat. Hah! We got that as well!

Up and down the stairs, right and left turns, a little more walk here and there and we got to our destination -Cookbook Kitchen. I've heard a lot of raves about this restaurant but never got the chance to try it. Good thing we were with Looloo people so ordering was a piece of cake. We tried out the following --

Parmesan Crusted White Fish for 320php
The famed item on their menu. Baked white fish smothered with herbs and lotsa Parmesan on top. It was very soft, drenching in oil and it was obvious that they used the frozen type of fillet instead of fresh. Too salty for me because of the cheese and had a strong taste of either thyme or rosemary. The texture was something I did not expect. It was supposed to be flaky and not soggy. But anyway, the overall taste was not too bad at all.

Temecula Ribs for 520php
Pork ribs with marble potatoes on the side and pineapples all over. It was too sweet and saucy! It was tender, yes, but not the fall off the bone type. It also had a strong smoky taste, because of the barbecue sauce. Considering I am a fan of pork ribs, this one had too much of everything in it and was just not my type.

Frutti di Mare for 280php
Fruit of the sea! Yeah! Thanks EJ for explaining! Tomato based pasta with an assortment of sea food - shrimp, white fish and squid. It was surprisingly the best dish of the day for me. It had just the right tomato kick that married well with the hint of herbs and sea food pieces. Not a fan of tomato based pasta but this one was good!

Aglio E Olio for 220php
Oil based pasta with garlic and chili flakes. Simple. Was very disappointed with this dish. I have never tried a version as bad as this one. There was no other flavor evident than garlic! I like Aglio Olio. It's a very simple pasta dish that I didn't think can go this wrong. They even added some herbs that did not add flavor to the dish.

Kittin's Scarlet Cake for 160php (per slice)
Red Velvet Cake that was tagged as a must try on their menu. I'm not really sure how real red velvet tastes like. I did some research months ago and found out that red velvet has vinegar and chocolate. It's supposed to be the hidden chocolate kick that'll make the dessert interesting, aside from it's velvety texture. By far, Cupcake Lab has the best red velvet (in a cupcake form) for me. This version of Cookbook Kitchen was a little dry. It didn't have that chocolaty finish I was looking for. It was just a piece of red colored cake. It was also weird that it was dusted with some chocolate powder that tasted like SwissMiss! 

I also ordered for their Golden Iced Tea. It was supposed to be a Calamansi tea but came out too sweet. Way too much sugar.

Looking around the resto, I must say that the ambiance was a plus - spacious and well lit. They had simple furnishing and fixtures. On the other hand, I was disappointed with their servers. they were not at all aware of the whats and whys of the items on their menu. I wonder if they have ever tasted anything that was listed on it.

Quite honestly, I was disappointed with the food. I had high expectations! Good thing I've got good company to share some laughter over anything and everything under the sun! 

Rendezvooers with the Looloo Crew : (counter clockwise) Teta (wearing red shirt), Mei, Odell (the Looloo Master), me, Lea & EJ (another Looloo master)

Thank you, once again, Looloo Crew for the awesome Rendezvoos! 

--- Cook Book Kitchen: 1880 Bldg., Eastwood Drive, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

***you can also find them here:

--- 8 Socorro Fernandez Street, cor. Luna Mencias St. Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
--- Greenfields Square, Km 76 McArthur Highway, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

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