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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 26 April 2013 | 13:43

We've always wanted to try Recovery Food but whenever we pass by during lunch time, it's always packed and the wait list is crazy. Yesterday, after trying Green Mile in Starbucks, hubby asked me if I wanted to visit RF. It was way past lunch, around 2:30PM so we were kinda positive that there'll be plenty of room for us.

The place was small, about 4 sets of tables and chairs with high seating bar table facing the very visible kitchen, enclosed by glass. You can actually see the how your food is being prepared! Outside of the store are additional sets of seating. It's more like your high end "goto/mami/pares" house and the concept is really cool!

Their menu was simple - a list of "comfort food" that are definitely Pinoy favorites. We tried the following ---

Tapa de Morning - Half Recovery for 180php
Home made tapa served with sunny side up egg, and organic plain rice. You can choose between white or brown and also have the option to upgrade to Talangka Rice! I opted for the brown rice and upgraded it. The taste was just okay. The tapa was bacon like - thin bacon looking strips. It was somewhat sweet and was oily. I don't think I like my tapa that way. Also, they didn't have a good vinegar to pair with their tapa with. 

They, however, served it with some sort of ensaladang mangga that I liked! Anyway, it was a plus that they serve organic rice and brown rice! Their brown rice, with the typical big grains and starchy texture, was nice though I did not really taste the Talangka in it.

Happy Beef Rice - Half Recovery for 160php
Hubby got himself half recovery of Happy Beef Rice. This, I must say, was good! Tender beef cubes on top of their signature beef rice. It's more like braised beef of Chowking, only better.

Cheese Sticks for 99php
We also tried their cheese sticks. I was hoping for a mozzarella type or an oozing cheddar but I'm not sure what kind they used. The cheese inside the wrapper was really dry, not even gooey. Nakakaumay! Fail! 

Turondots with Dulce gatas for 150php
Looking for dessert, I had no choice but this. It was the only "enticing" piece in their dessert selection and I was kind of after the Dulce Gatas dip that goes with it. I didn't really checked on what the plastic container had, since I opted to have it for take out. When I got home, I was surprised to see FIVE small pieces of turon - the usual size of a spring roll. For the price I paid, it was not worth it. Even though the Dulce Gatas dip was really good, almost yema like, this order was way over priced.

Calamansi Juice for 99php
Their Calamsi Juice was good. Heard that their Dalandan Juice and Iced Tea are good too. It wasn't the artificial tasting juice or that bottled concentrate that you'll get in most restaurants that has it. It tasted more like freshly squeezed juice mixed with some water and sweetener. it was refreshing! Perfect for the summer heat and perfect to wash away the oiliness of their food! Haha!

Anyway, their service was fast and their staff, attentive. Not a place I would go back to again and again but would definitely be a catch during the wee hours of the night!

---Recovery Food: G/F Crossroads, 32nd St cor 8th Ave., BGC, Taguig City


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  1. been hearing this from my friends. the tapa is good daw.

  2. Hello! I didn't really like their tapa though!


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