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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 12 April 2013 | 13:48

It was a happy Sunday afternoon as we headed to Ruins, in BF Homes, to get some DVDs.  After our DVD stint, we hopped by the nearest mall - Pergola. Pergola is a humble mall with a grocery store, some restaurants and some other establishments. There was a newly opened diner that time so we opted to have an early dinner there. The dinner did not turn out very well. So, with full but definitely unsatisfied tummies, we agreed that a feel good dessert is a must.

Since we were in BF Homes, I remembered a 'Cupcakery' Cafe or a cupcake bakery along Aguirre Ave. that opened up on December of 2012. We have already attempted several times to visit the place while in the area but each attempt was futile. The place is always packed with people coming in and out of the store and cars parked side by side. This time, even if the situation looked so crazy, I didn't give up. I was just determined to try it out.

Lovely lighting
The counter area
Once you step inside, you will instantly be surrounded by girly, princess style and posh set-up of white, pink and other shades of pastel. Curtains, couches, fancy pendant lighting, merchandise display and an enticing selection of cupcakes make up the store. It also has some tables and chairs for kids and a second floor too! It was really spacious!

Perfect spot for barkada chikahan
A lot of tables and chairs!
The space for the little ones
The PRINCESS couch
I was so excited to order, wanting to try their best sellers - pink velvet, toblerone and choco with salted caramel cupcakes. Too bad they run out of most of the flavors. We were able try the following though ---

Pink Velvet for 65php
The cupcakes were served in cutesy plates of circles and stars. They were soooo good! They were moist and not too sweet. The pink velvet was not so spectacular, though it was moist, with the cream cheese frosting leaning towards being more of butter cream. I would say that Cupcake Lab's red velvet is still the best!  

Bananutella for 70php
Banana cupcake topped with banana slices and frosted with Nutella mixed with butter, I guess. Again, the cupcake was moist bursting with banana goodness. The Nutella flavor was subtle and I think I like it to be more distinct. They should invest some more in the frosting department. 

Carrot-Apple for 65php
I'm used to the version that has cinnamon and this one didn't have that. But it was totally okay! Surprisingly, this was my favorite! Real bits of shredded carrots and apples, frosted with cream cheese - again not a strong cream cheese flavor. It was moist and delicious! 

Frozen Hot Choco Velvet for 175php
I needed to ask their chef, I think he's a chef there just by looking at his uniform or could be the owner too, for their best seller drink and he suggested the cocoa smoothie! It was chocolaty, creamy and was simply heavenly! Yay! It was served in a nice mug too!

My cutie pie!
I think my only complain is the size of each cupcake - 2oz. for 65-80 each. Too small. Just like those you'll get from Slice. Cupcake Lab has bigger sizes at almost the same price!

Fooling around!
Them - having a date
The place is a good hang out spot, with friendly staff, very good temp, free wifi and very cozy too. 

Overall, we loved the place and the ambiance. More than paying for the cupcakes alone, you are actually paying for the lovely interiors and good service too. I would say that I would come back to this place again and again, each time we get into the BF Homes area.

--- Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe : 178 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City

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