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I haven't been to Eastwood City Walk in a while to catch a movie. Not really familiar anymore with the stalls that they have lining up the cinema snack area. When I saw that there's a churreria, I was more than giddy to try! Churros while watching a movie? Sounds great!

Sancho Churreria Manila Eastwood City
Sancho Churreria Manila in Eastwood Citywalk Mall

Sancho Churreria Manila is a new player in the Churros market. Their flagship store is in Maginhawa where they have an extensive menu - appetizers, salads, soups, pasta, sandwiches, paella and mains. 

Cakes and Pastries from Sancho Churreria Manila
Sweets being offered - Brazo de Mercedes, Eclairs, Cream Puffs and  Choco de Leche Cake!

Their Eastwood branch is rather small offering just a couple of mains and pasta dishes, sweets and their Churros con Chocolate. 

Churros con Chocolate from Sancho Churreria Manila
Churros con Chocolate in their take-out box - 95Php

Churros Con Chocolate for only 95Php? Quite a steal! Got one order to go and it was handed to me in a paper bag. Freshly made churros and a warm chocolate dip. Let me tell you this - Dulcinea's Churros is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE and I always tend to compare. Seeing Sancho and trying it out had me thinking of Dulcinea the whole time because they had the same tear drop shape, almost the same size and no dusting of sugar. The churros were crunchy outside but soft inside. 

Churros Chocolate Dip from Sancho Churreria Manila
Would you look at that chocolate dip!

The chocolate dip had dark chocolate in it. It's not runny and had the right thickness. Just the right consistency to coat the churros properly. It's chocolaty and not too sweet and had this local "tsokolate" taste. Almost like Dulcinea's only that the latter is better. I actually liked it! But then the chocolate dip given was too little! It was the first time that I didn't have any chocolate dip left and I was just on my 3rd churro! Imagine the horror! Was not able to ask for more since it was very late and I was already inside the cinema. So I was left with 3 more churros with no chocolate dip.

Churros con Chocolate from Sancho Churreria Manila
More chocolate dip if you opt to dine-in!

During my second visit here, I got another order of their Churros but had it for dine-in and to my delight, there was more chocolate dip! I was one happy kid! I could definitely say that Sancho's Churros are the ultimate bang for your buck!

Choco de Leche Cake
Choco de Leche Cake - 75Php/slice, 750Php for the whole cake

I also tried their Choco de Leche Cake. It looked so good! Thick Dulce de Leche frosting, milk chocolate shavings, two layers of chocolate cake --- I think I expected too much. It was just okay. 

Choco de Leche Cake
Closer look at this slice of cake!

I don't know what's wrong but it tasted like it was baked days ago. It was moist and the cake layers were thick but not as chocolaty as it looked like. I loved the idea of the caramel-like filling in between the cake layers but it was too sweet. There was also something odd with the Dulce de Leche frosting. 

Will definitely stick with just their Churros next time.

4 out of 5 Stars for Sancho Churreria Manila!

--- Sancho Churreria Manila: 4/F Eastwood City Walk 2, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Eastwood City, Quezon City

***you can also find them here: 122 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City

Sancho Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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