Everything Green Tea: Matcha Goodies from Sout's Honor

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 22 July 2016 | 03:00

Scout's Honor has definitely made a name for itself. Their "Make Your Own Cookie" makes people excited because of the fact that you have full control of what your cookie will taste like. It gives this instant gratification of freedom and experimentation. Though I didn't go for this craze when I first tried Scout's honor, I still had a great time. 

Matcha and Black Sesame Cookie from Scout's Honor
Matcha with Black Sesame Cookie for 95Php

Matcha with Black Sesame Cookie was how I got acquainted with Scout's Honor. It combines all things Japanese. The charm of Matcha dancing with the oddly good flavor of black sesame. 

Matcha with Black Sesame Cookie
Closer look at all the good stuff of this cookie sandwich!

Soft and crumbly Green Tea Matcha Cookies that hit the spot with generous serving of chocolate chunks! Can it get any better than that? Each bite was treat. The bitterness of the Matcha mixed so well with the sweetness of the chocolate. Then the filling - roasted black sesame in white chocolate! Sinfully good! It was a tad sweet but then my sweet tooth didn't mind. There was something addicting to the nutty flavor of the roasted black sesame. Each bite will give you a marriage of all sorts of flavors - bitter, sweet and nutty. 

Hole in the Wall
Scout's Honor, Hole in the Wall

On another visit to HITW, I got to craft my own cookie. Though I wanted to try their Double Chocolate Fudge cookie batter, my love for matcha won over which led me to get a chewy matcha cookie batter instead.

Make your own cookie from Scout's Honor
Make your own cookie for 135Php

Here is how it works: Choose your cookie batter > choose 3 toppings > choose the done-ness of your cookie

You won't get the chance to mix the batter and toppings together coz their staff will do that for you but then again you'll have the liberty to choose what will go with your cookie batter of choice. So, for my first ever Craft Your Own Cookie, I got the following:

- cookie batter: Chewy Matcha
- toppings: dark chocolate chunks x macadamia x almonds

Matcha Cookie Batter from Scout's Honor
A closer look at the toppings I chose!

I also opted for a chewy cookie rather than a crispy one. After about 8 mins, I got my hot cookie with the dark chocolate chunks melting. It smelled so good! I loved that the outside was a little firm and had a crunch to it but the inside was soft and chewy. Though I loved it, I must admit that it was cloying after a couple of bites. 

Matcha Cookie from Scout's Honor
They don't scrimp on the toppings!

The center was half baked and was super soft which I didn't like a lot. Oh well maybe next time I'll ask them to bake it a little more. But then again I still enjoyed it and the gooey chocolate was a winner!

4 out of 5 Stars for Scout's Honor!

--- Scout's Honor: Hole in the Wall, Fourth Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

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