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Locavore is a well established restaurant in Kapitolyo that had people swearing by the good food that they serve. Playing mainly on Filipino dishes, they make theirs with irresistible twists! They have patrons from all over the Metro but sadly, because of it's proximity from home, I haven't really tried their dishes.

Locavore BGC
Locavore is FINALLY in BGC!

Locavore in BGC was one great news for me! I've tried a couple of times to score a table for dinner but no luck. Since they've just recently opened, they're always packed and reservation is a must! Good thing a friend invited me here on a weekend for brunch. Their brunch menu is available only in their BGC branch so it was something she was very giddy about!

Locavore BGC Breakfast Menu
Rice over rice for brunch!

Went there around 11AM and we were lucky to secure a table. The place was almost packed when we got there and as the lunch hour drew near, there were even people lined up already waiting for tables! Insane!

We had two dishes in mind that day - Duck Lugaw and their Champorado.

Duck Lugaw from Locavore BGC
Duck Lugaw for 320Php

The Duck Lugaw was served first. I must say that their service was fast coz the orders came in less than 10 minutes after they were placed! Back to the Duck Lugaw, this was beautifully arranged in a paella pan and it's definitely for sharing! It was served with 6 small cups on the side for the condiments to mix and match with the lugaw according to your liking. Black pepper, calamansi, chili oil, freshly chopped red chili, patis (fish sauce) and spring onions. Find your poison!

Duck Lugaw from Locavore BGC
A closer look at all the good stuff in this Duck Lugaw!

The Lugaw had generous portions of stir-fried duck and chicken floss. It also had fried garlic, spring onions, ginger oil and soft-boiled egg. They likewise added two small pieces of seared Foie Gras that kinda looked like toasted garlic. This Duck Lugaw was good sans the Foie Gras, but of course best if it had a lot in it! We were expecting more Foie Gras, to be honest. The garlic flavor was strong, the rice was cooked right, the egg was runny and you'll get a potion of meat each spoonful.

Champorado ni Speedy from Locavore BGC
Champorado ni Speedy for 280Php

Then the Champorado - so much happiness in this bowl! A breakaway from the usual instant champorado that even some restaurants serve, this was of the legit kind! Served in paella pan as well, it's best consumed while warm and serving is for sharing. Glutinous rice in a rich chocolate sauce, topped with fish flakes, cheese, cream cheese mousse and grated chocolate. It's then dusted with powdered milk and served with more milk on the side - evap and condensed! 

Breakfast Best Sellers at Locavore BGC
Breakfast Best-Sellers!

I love the fish flakes twist instead of the usual dilis or tuyo. Gave this dish a salty contrast to a rather sweet breakfast treat. The addition of cream cheese mousse leveled up the Champorado game! Adjust how milky and/or sweet you want it with the side serving of evap and condensed milk. I loved every spoonful of this!

Can't wait to go back and get more of these two breakfast/brunch goodness! Now, I'm giddy to try their regular menu too!

5 out of 5 Stars for Locavore!

--- Locavore: Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig City

***you can also find them here: 10 Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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