Urameshi-Ya: The Ultimate Yakiniku Experience!

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 7 July 2016 | 04:43

I've been having Wagyu cubes dreams since the first time I saw pictures of Wagyu cubes and lots of seafood being grilled in this tucked away Little Tokyo restaurant - Urameshi-Ya. Everyone seems to have something good to say about what they offer! 

Urameshi-Ya Little Tokyo
Urameshi-Ya, Little Tokyo

Imagine this: UNLIMITED Wagyu Cubes x shrimps x scallops x oysters x sausages x chicken skin on skewers x other glorious meat - grill and eat for 45 minutes, 500Php plus service charge! AMAZING DEAL! I knew I needed to try this place out but there were hindrances:

1) Buffet is only available from Monday to Wednesday
2) Restaurant opens at 5PM
3) Makati traffic!!!

Urameshi-Ya Little Tokyo details
A peek at the restaurant and some other details

It's just impossible to drag the husband on a weekday! Months passed and husband finally got a VL on a Monday so it was the perfect time to go to Urameshi-Ya! We tagged some foodie friends with us that day to make the experience fun! We were 7 in our group so we asked for 2 tables and 2 grills. We went early, like 4PM early, to secure our tables. The wait was worth it! When it was time, our server, Che-Che, asked for our orders since it was a sit down buffet.

Urameshi-Ya Unlimited Yakiniku
Unlimited Yakiniku for 500Php + 50Php service charge

Bowls of Wagyu cubes, scallops, oysters, shrimps, assorted sausages and marinated beef strips landed on our table ready for grilling! The buffet came in with unlimited servings of rice, miso soup, salad (with sesame dressing) and house tea (hot or cold). 

Unlimited Wagyu Cubes
Wagyu Cubes x Scallops x Sausages x Shrimps!!!

We were so giddy excited! We grilled like there was no tomorrow and our server helped us too! We were done with our orders in no time and summoned Che-Che for another round of everything - 2 bowls each!

Wagyu Cubes
Look at the good ratio of fat vs meat! Perfect combination for that melt-in-your-mouth experience!

The Wagyu cubes cook fast! They were good as is but you can sprinkle them with salt and pepper and probably with some soy sauce to make them better. Soft, melt in your mouth, you will not be able to stop! Heavenly! 

Unlimited Yakiniku
Plump scallops x oysters!!! Your 550Php is worth it just with these babies!

To set your expectations right, you must not expect "steak" class Wagyu here because these cubes were obviously "processed" which means that they could have been made from ground Wagyu that have been frozen and cut into cubes. Nonetheless, they were still great! Che-Che said that these were flown directly from Japan.

Unlimited Seafood Yakiniku
Orange shrimps, ftw!

The shrimps were orange in color even when raw. I believe this is the type that's being used for sushi. They had a sweeter taste compared to the usual shrimps that we get from the market. Kinda hard to eat these though because you need to peel off the skin but then again they were juicy and plump if grilled just right.

Unlimited Seafood Yakiniku
More on the grill!

The scallops and oysters were big, juicy, plump and sweet! Dunk them into the soy sauce, add some chili and you're in for a seafood party! Seriously, I ate A LOT of these. 

Unlimited Yakiniku
Meat selection in the sit-down Yakiniku buffet of Urameshi-Ya

I need to commend their sausages too - tasty, juicy, yummy - it's so easy to lose track of how much you've consumed! They have three types of sausages plus hotdog but I've only tried the spicy one.

Their selection of meat and sea food!

We also tried their garlic beef strips. Well marinated, salty and a bit sweet, yummy. The sauce tasted like teriyaki, rich in flavor, best when consumed with salad or maybe rice.We didn't get to try their skewers and some other items in the buffet but that's okay. We were pretty much satisfied with our feast! Everyone agreed that it was well worth of our 500Php + 50Php for service charge! I would love to come back for more! 

Little Tokyo, Makati
Inside Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo, Makati City

Overall, it was a great experience. Urameshi-Ya is tucked inside Little Tokyo and when you get to the place, it's as if you've been transported to one of those Japanese side streets that you'll usually see in Japanese movies and Anime. Japanese lanterns lined the alleys. It's best to eat outside the restaurant for better lighting and ventilation. 

Restaurant details of Urameshiya
A peek inside Urameshi-Ya!

Inside, the restaurant was dim and had this old smelly vibe but that's just me - it wasn't smelly at all. There was a bar area, lots of old Japanese books arranged in shelves and when you get to the dining area, it's like a big tatami room! Old Japan emanating in every corner.

Note: Monday is the BEST day to take advantage of their buffet because stocks are fresh and don't get replenished until the following week. So you see, there's no guarantee that there will be Wagyu cubes or scallops on a Tuesday and more so on a Wednesday.

5 out of 5 Stars for Urameshi-Ya!

--- Urameshi-Ya Japanese Yakiniku: 2277 Chino Roces Ave., Little Tokyo, Makati City

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