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I've been wanting to go to Your Local for such a long time now. I've received a lot of recommendations but Makati is never friendly during weekdays. Weekends are usually reserved for child friendly restaurants though, because you know family time matters. Then we had a chance to escape the everyday monotony of life on a weekday because of a holiday. Husband and I decided to try Your Local for a dinner date. Holiday = traffic free Makati and parking was a breeze!

Your Local Makati
Your Local, Makati

Your Local keeps it simple. No loud signage, no bright lights to attract people. It's almost as if they're keeping the place as a secret. You need to get into a building and the first door with a small signage and a heavy door will get you to this privy place.

Your Local restaurant details
A look at what to expect inside Your Local

Long tables, dim lights, bar area, lots of wine on display, toned down music, lovely people - gosh! This place is easy to love! It was the perfect date place. Hubby and I had the chance to catch up after weeks of being away from each other because I went on a vacation with the kids in the province.

We were attended to right away and even without looking at their menu, I knew what I was going to order - Torched Salmon Donburi!!!! It's their famous dish and everyone I know who has tried it can't stop talking about it. And so, it was my turn.

Torched Salmon Donburi
Torched Salmon Donburi for 540Php

A gorgeous slab of Norwegian Salmon, torched to medium doneness, on a bed of shiitake black rice and roast corn. It's topped with all things umami-licious: mentaiko, oboro, ebiko. Also topped with scallions, spring onions, sesame seeds and some salmon skin for texture. 

Torched Salmon Donburi from Your Local
Salmon + Wine ... nah

One spoonful will lead you to the next! It's bursting with flavors! The overall sweetness was not too much and went well with the Salmon. Now I know why everyone is going crazy about this dish!

Steak Fried Rice from Your Local
Steak Fried Rice for 680Php

Husband opted to get Steak Fried Rice. Shiitake fried rice topped with 150g of Korean Spiced Sher Wagyu, sunny side up eggs and fresh herbs. The steak was awesome - tender and flavorful, a tad spicy. 

Steak Fried Rice from Your Local
A closer look at all the details of this dish

All the components went well together and hubby loved the characteristic saltiness. Great addition of fried chips though, added texture is always welcome.

Poggio del Sol
Poggio del Sol for 290Php per glass

Husband paired his Steak Fried Rice with a glass of red wine - Poggio del Sol. Not a wine drinker and I don't know how to appreciate wine pairings but the husband said that the wine had sweet notes and was full bodied. He said that it went well with his salty meal.

I wanted to get dessert here but decided against it coz I was looking forward to coffee and waffles after dinner at Yardstick.

Expensive soda! 90Php for a can!

Overall, we LOVED our dinner date here. Service was on point as well. It was easy to call the attention of the staff and they were always on the look out and quick to refill water glasses. We are definitely going back soon!

5 out of 5 Stars for Your Local!

--- Your Local: Ground Floor, Universal LMS Building, 106 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

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