Bondi & Bourke - BGC Branch, Finally!

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Bondi & Bourke is one popular Makati restaurant. It has been making waves and buzz ever since it opened. I've been wanting to try it out but Makati was difficult to traverse on weekdays and it's hard to reserve a table on weekends. Good thing that they finally opened a 2nd branch and the best news that came with it? It's in BGC!!!

Bondi & Bourke BGC
Bondi & Bourke, BGC

The restaurant was spacious, with second floor, high ceiling, well lit, choice interiors, drop lamps and even Capiz Windows which was kind of weird for an Australian Restaurant. Anyhow, I loved the vibe and the relaxed atmosphere. We were ushered to their second floor as soon as we got in and surprisingly, there weren't a lot of tables occupied and that's on a Friday night!

Garlic Fries from Bondi & Bourke
Garlic Fries for 95Php

We went for some Garlic Fries while waiting for friends to arrive and in about 5 minutes, we were munching on the fried treats. Nothing special with this though - thick fries that were crispy but were not evenly coated with garlic powder. Pieces at the bottom of the bowl were bland.

As soon as our friends arrived, we ordered a bowl of pasta, steak, a bottle of wine and dessert to be served right after we're done with our mains.

Truffled Crab Carbonara from Bondi & Bourke
Truffled Crab Carbonara for 630Php

Our Truffled Crab Carbonara arrived first. The serving wasn't a lot but can definitely be shared if you'll be ordering a number of dishes. Bowl of penne in a truffle cream sauce with just the right kick of truffle, good flavor from the smoked pancetta, nice touch of fresh garlic, Italian parsley and crab meat. Great pasta, great flavors but then the crab meat didn't standout.

Australian Prime Ribeye from Bondi & Bourke
Australian Prime Ribeye - 350g for 2190Php

Our steak came in next, took some snapshots and asked them to slice it up for us. We were choosing between the U.S Prime Ribeye or the Aussie version but since we were in an Australian resto, we decided to go with the Australian Prime Ribeye - 350g. The steak came with dressed arugula, buttered mash, steamed asparagus and dijon mustard. 

Australian Prime Ribeye from Bondi & Bourke BGC
A look at the pinkish meat!

The steak was thick with a great form, done medium rare with a good sear. Loved the color of the meat when they sliced it up! I must admit that it tasted great, well seasoned, but our group agreed that it was tough for a ribeye! I've definitely had something better. For the cut and the price, boy that wasn't value for money.

Crakerjack River Bend Shiraz 2013
Crakerjack "River Bend" Shiraz  2013 for 1000Php (bottle)

We paired the steak with a bottle of red wine - Crakerjack "River Bend" Shiraz 2013, which was from Australia too. Now, I'm not a wine drinker and I'm not cultured when it comes to wine pairings.  Though the husband always encourages me to try, I still have a lot to learn! My friends said that the wine went well with the steak though - new age and easy to drink. Well, I got to smell and taste some sweet notes from the wine and I can say that the finish wasn't too strong.

Chocolate Lamington from Bondi & Bourke
Chocolate Lamington for 145Php

Then dessert came and our Chocolate Lamington was plated gorgeously! Two layers of light and soft sponge cake, cut into squares, coated with chocolate, rolled in desiccated coconut and filled with cream in between. The entire thing was served sitting on top of a delicate white chocolate sauce that added sweetness to the cake. 

Chocolate Lamington
A look at the sponge cake layers and all the other gorgeous details

Loved that they served this with fresh fruits, blueberries and strawberry, that broke the monotonous sweetness of the dessert. It was simple yet I liked it!

Bondi & Bourke BGC Store Details
Simple yet elegant drop lamps!

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner though the staff would need to be trained more because it was terribly hard to get their attention. They weren't as attentive as I have expected and there were a lot of times were they left the second floor unmanned. 

Oh well, will give this restaurant another try when they've already settled down or better yet, will visit their Makati branch instead.

3 out of 5 Stars for Bondi & Bourke!

--- Bondi & Bourke: G/F Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

***you can also find them here: G/F Cattleya Condominium Bldg., 235 Salcedo St., Legazpi Village, Makati City

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