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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 19 July 2016 | 13:15

Went on a food crawl in Tomas Morato and before we visited Kozui, we dropped by Shutter Cafe for a light lunch. I would love to like the experience here because of the ambiance of the cafe but I just can't.

Shutter Cafe Tomas Morato
Shutter Cafe in Tomas Morato

Standing beside a camera store that sells anything and everything about cameras, the cafe was so inviting. They have cakes and pastries, pasta, sandwiches, coffee and coolers. They also have board games if you fancy that kind of stuff.

Shutter Cafe
A look at the store details of Shutter Cafe

We decided to get their Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and an order of pasta with white sauce to share. My friend also got a cooler - Lemon Lime Cucumber Cooler. It's weird that they didn't even tell us that our orders already has a glass of iced tea each. We were clueless until our food was served.

Onto the food ---

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from Shutter Cafe
Philly Cheese Steak for 165Php

Philly Cheese Steak was okay. It had thin strips of beef with onions, mushroom and cheese sauce which was obviously cheez whiz pimiento. It was served with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and some chips on the side. There was nothing standout except the salty cheez whiz. The beef slices were tender but not really flavorful.

White Sauce Pasta from Shutter Cafe
White Sauce Pasta for 165Php

For the pasta, we chose their White Sauce which was a cream sauce with bacon. It didn't taste a bit bacon-y and they used mushroom soup as the base of the pasta. It's pretty bland. This also came with two slices of buttered bread that were cold.

Lemon Cucumber Cooler from Shutter Cafe
Lemon Cucumber Cooler for 100Php

The cooler was just okay according to my friend. It was refreshing with just the right kick of lime.

Food is a little cheap - but then again with that quality, I still feel that I paid more than I should.


The owner was there in the cafe but didn't really bother checking out her customers. We even tried to talk to her but was pretty in a hurry? Oh well...

4 stars for ambiance but only 2 stars for the food = 3 out of 5 Stars for Shutter Cafe!

--- Shutter Cafe: 118 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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