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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 26 February 2016 | 14:48

I was badly craving for some Churros con Chocolate weeks ago but I was no where near a La Lola branch. As I was walking around Glorietta with my daughter, we passed by Dulcinea and thought that it wouldn't hurt to give them another try. You see, I had their Churros Con Chocolate years ago and ended up regretting the experience. My first time was so bad - very oily churros plus very runny chocolate dip. I was expecting the dip to be thick and rich and nothing but yummy.

Dulcinea Churros con Chocolate
Churros con Chocolate for 118Php

My second encounter with their Churros was amazing! The Churros were great! Since it's February, the Churros were love month ready! Each one was carefully shaped into a heart! They were warm and crunchy but soft inside. The chocolate dip was OH SO GOOD! Their runny chocolate dip morphed into a rich, thick and chocolatey kind and had that Tsokolate Batirol goodness in it. Best part - it wasn't too sweet! Gosh, this is THE BEST IN TOWN! It's the ultimate comfort food and I guess nothing can beat a classic treat!

Dulcinea Churros con Chocolate Leche Flan Chorizo Pasta
Our little snack for the day!

Aside from the Churros, we also tried their Chorizo pasta. It was good though not spectacular. It came with two soggy and soft garlic bread. 

Dulcinea Pasta y Chorizo Chorizo Pasta
Pasta y Chorizo for 245Php

There was generous serving of chorizo crumbles in an oil based pasta. I needed to ask for cheese because it lacked saltiness and good thing that did the trick.

Dulcinea PH
Leche Flan for 45Php

My daughter also asked for an order of Leche Flan and it was just eeeerrrr. I would say that you can skip this. Served in a small aluminum container, it looked pale and my daughter thought it was mashed potato! What can I say, it didn't taste bad at all but that ain't leche flan! It's more like pudding.

Dulcinea Churros con Chocolate

The second time we went, I got their Churros AGAIN! So good that I can't stop thinking of them.

Just look at that beautiful and thick and super chocolaty dip! I can have this every single day!

We've been going to Dulcinea week after week ever since and we've tried a couple more of their desserts and even rice meal.

Dulcinea Manga Pastry
Manga Pastry for 45Php

This slice of dessert was meh. Totally okay to ignore. It had layers of puff pastry and cream with ripe mango slices. The layers didn't come well together. Texture and taste - I didn't like it.

Dulcinea Brewed Coffee
Brewed Coffee for 95Php

They also served pretty decent brewed coffee here. I tried it and it came with lots of milk on the side so you have total control of how much you want and I want lots! It wasn't as good as Dark Matter Theory but it will do.

Dulcinea Churros con Chocolate Mango Crepe Malacanang Roll
More sweets for me!

We've also tried dining in their Greenbelt branch and liked it more there. The place had better ambiance and furnishings. 

Dulcinea Salpicao
Salpicao for 375Php

We gave their Salpicao a try and it was awesome! I haven't had Beef Salpicao this way - beef cubes that were tender and cooked medium well instead of the usual "really cooked" state. It was like eating small pieces of steak! Loved that the garlic flavor was just right. This also came with some potato slices that were smothered with lotsa butter.

Dulcinea Malacanang Roll
Malacanang Roll - slice - for 120Php

We tried some other desserts as well. I've been eyeing their Malacanang Roll and this time I scored a slice. It was good. It looked like Camp Fire Cake because of the torched marshmallow icing with peaks that it's covered with but totally different inside. This roll was made up of white sponge cake rolled with some thick and luscious chocolate filling. Totally sweet, this cake is a good pair for a great cup of coffee.

Dulcinea PH Mango Shake
Fresh Ripe Mango Shake for 130Php

My daughter is obsessed with anything mango so she always orders Dulcinea's Mango Shake served in a tall glass. It's refreshing! 

Dulcinea PH Mango Crepe
Mango Crepe for 185Php

Then she requested to try their Mango Crepe during our recent visit. The crepe had the right thickness and had generous serving of ripe mango slices inside with some cream. Drizzled with chocolate syrup, it also came with a piece of cherry. Daughter loved it with no doubt!

Dulcinea PH Churros con Chocolate

I don't think I'll ever get tired of Dulcinea's Churros Con Chocolate. Really, look at that thick chocolate dip!

I guess Dulcinea is my new favorite Friday date place with my daughter!

5 out of 5 Stars for the Churros con Chocolate alone!
4 out of 5 Stars, overall for Dulcinea!

--- Dulcinea: 2/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

--- Dulcinea: G/F Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St., Ayala Center, Makati City

***you can also find them here:

--- 4/F Bridgeway, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas Centre, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

--- UG/F Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

*** More branches HERE

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