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Mandala Park is a 3.2 hectare area in Mandaluyong. Formerly the Liberty Center, Litton & Co.'s master planned the area to be an integrated mixed-used community in response to the regentrification of this side of Mandaluyong. It is set to offer a fresher and more invigorating alternative to the surrounding communities and cities as well. It stands as a symbol of "A New Mandaluyong in Bloom."

Mandala Park Mandaluyong
Inside Mandala Park Weekend Market

Mandala Park Weekend Market, on the other hand, is Litton & Co.'s way of giving back to the community by handing them a venue that will bring people together for the love of our own culinary heritage. It aims to inspire people to bask in the warmth of holistic health, wealth and abundance. With amazing finds, relaxing music and hearty homegrown food, the Mandala Park Weekend Market is the city's new seat of harmonious and holistic lifestyle experience.

Mandala Park Weekend Market
Inside Mandala Park Weekend Market

During it's February run, this weekend market embraced Filipino Culinary Heritage by partnering with the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement (details of the invite can be found HERE). Together, they curated purveyors to help spread the "love for local" and shine a spotlight on merchants who inspire to love our own culinary heritage.

Among the purveyors that were there, below are my TOP FOOD PICKS, listed in no particular order.

Stanford x Shaw's Ginger Ale

Stanford x Shaw Ginger Ale
Stanford x Shaw's Ginger Ale - Bottle for 200Php

My husband and I have always liked ginger beer and there was a time when we would get as much Bundaberg Ginger Beer as we can afford when doing our grocery shopping. Stanford & Shaw's Ginger Ale was even better! It's the perfect match if your looking for something healthy yet refreshing! Loved that the flavor of ginger was made subtle by the fresh lemon juice it was mixed with. Pour it over ice and enjoy.

Burger and Nachos from Punta

Punta Nachos Mexicana
Nachos Mexicana for 145Php

The Nachos Mexicana from Punta, which is a bar in the Mandala Park area, was really good. Shying away from the usual nacho chips that you'll get from bars, they used fried tortilla chips. The chips were topped with Picadillo which was made of ground beef that tasted like the the meat in Arroz a la Cubana and Pico de Gallo or salsa which was made of fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice. There was an hefty serving of the toppings!

Punta Burger for 275Php

The Punta Burger was equally good. Made from 100% Beef Sirloin patty, it had caramelized onions, a bed of crisp lettuce, tomato slices and fried egg on a Spanish Broiche Bun. The bun was a little toasted at the bottom, which I liked, and held the meat and egg well. I also liked that the fried egg was runny. The fries that it came with though was a let down. I didn't like their signature "8 Spice Blend" since it gave a really strong odd taste and smell for me. There was too much of it in the fries.

Salted Caramel Opera Cake from Pastry Armoire

Pastry Armoire Salted Caramel Opera Cake
Salted Caramel Opera Cake for 125Php per Slice

One of the best chocolate cakes I've had in my life. Seriously, the small slice packed a punch! Layers of chocolate cake and salted caramel creme, it wasn't too sweet as I have thought. The cake was moist and chocolaty and the salted caramel in between the cake layers was so good. It had this signature burnt sugar taste that was so rich and the touch of salt was just right. Each spoonful was a delight! So rich and decadent, I'll hunt this down for my birthday!

Pastry Armoire Sticky Buns Fudgy Brownie
Sticky Buns x Leche Flan Over Fudgy Brownie

Their Leche Flan Over Fudgy Brownie looked good as well and if you'll see them in weekend markets, make sure to grab one (or two, or make that three!) of their sticky buns. Personal favorites are: Reggiano, Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon Pecan. Yet to try their Matcha Blondies though I have heard a lot of raves!

Kinoko Frites from Le Petit Souffle

Le Petit Souffle Kinoko Frites
Kinoko Frites for 175Php

Le Petit Souffle, together with Scout's Honor, offered their best sellers during this event. Since I wasn't able to try their Kinoko Frites when I visited their Century Mall restaurant (you can read about my Le Petit Souffle blog HERE), I took the opportunity to do so when I saw it here. Kinoko Frites are deep fried mushrooms - enoki and oyster, breaded and finally tossed in Matcha Salt. During the weekend market however, they were offered for a lower price of 175Php compared to the restaurant price of 235Php. The result - smaller serving portion and I think they only used enoki. Anyhow, I still liked the crunchy breading that was flavorful. The mushrooms were soft and maybe because of the breading, they somehow tasted like meat. The Matcha salt enhanced the overall taste.

Le Petit Souffle also offered their Squid Ink Rice, Just Mac & Cheese and the Foie Gras version. Another best seller - Salted Egg and Cheese Profiteroles was also offered.

Here are some of the goodies offered by Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor
HUGE cookies from Scout's Honor - Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Matcha Nutella, Chocolate with Peppermint

Scout's Honor
Smores Tagalongs

Bellychon Wrap from Wrapped

Wrapped Bellychon Wrap
Bellychon Wrap for 90Php

Wrapped was there with their display of sinful Bellychon! I swear they looked so good - crispy skin, juicy and flavorful meat, fat trimmings. I wasn't able to resist the temptation so I got their Bellychon wrap. It was prepared like a shawarma, with some veggies and white garlicky sauce. It was good but I wish there was more of the meat in the wrap.

Patricio's Cevicheria's Queso and Mango Crema

Patricio's Cevicheria Queso Crema Poke Boy
Queso Crema for 120Php

These were squares of heaven. The Queso Crema was so rich and sinful. Made of cheesy cream cake that was soft and moist, it was then smothered with generous serving of butter cream sauce. It rendered a nice play of sweet and salty notes. 

Patricio's Cevicheria Mango Crema Poke Boy
Mango Crema for 120Php

The mango version, Mango Crema, was a little less sinful and not as rich as the Queso Crema but I liked this more. Bias towards the refreshing taste of ripe mango, the addition of the fruit made it overall lighter in the palette. 

Patricio's came in the bazaar as Poke-Boy since their Taguig restaurant mainly offers ceviche or popularly known as Poke in Hawaii.

Other things that I tried during this run were the following ---

Bio Reis Organic Rice
Bio Reis Rice for 150Php Each

Bios Reis was also there and I got the chance to try their organic rice offerings. Black rice, brown rice and red rice  - I opted to get a pack of Brown Rice to try at home for 150Php. In all honesty, we loved their brown rice! It surprisingly tasted so good. Somehow tasted like boiled local corn. Really filling as well with just half a cup!

Bayani Brew
Bayani Brew for 50Php each

Bayani Brew's all Filipino Iced Tea for 50Php each which were made from all natural and all Filipino raw materials. They support local farmers and offers three flavors - Kick-Ass Lemon Grass, Camotea Commotion and Get MAD which has moringa. Not so much of a fan of their brew though. Maybe because I like my tea sweet and the flavors did not delight my taste buds.

D Famous Imus Longganisa
Little bites of fried Imus Longganisa for sampling

D Famous Imus Longganisa Sandwich
Longga Sandwich for 150Php

D'Famous Immus Lonnganisa Sandwich for 150php which had about 4 pieces of lonnga on a bed of lettuce and cucumber and all other stuff going on. Nothing too special though but maybe I should try the lonnga itself next time. They also offered pre-packed frozen lonnga if you wanna take some home.

Fog City Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Butter Pecan Ice Cream for 100Php per scoop/small cup

Also tried Fog City's Butter Pecan ice cream at 100Php per scoop and i would like to say that I liked it but sadly there was nothing wow about it. Maybe I ate too many sweets that night and should give them a try again next time.

Here is a list of the other purveyors during this particular run --

  •  Craftpoint Brewing Company
  • Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Pagkain PCHM
  • Asiong's Carinderia and Cafe
  • Sapin-Sapin
  • Homemade Treasure's Ensaymada
  • Taco Vengo
  • Jonas Manila
  • Edgy Veggy
  • Huat Pot
  • Project Hearth
  • Yakang Yaka Barter
  • Atsui Apparel
  • Explorer Wax Co.
  • Flow Retreats
  • Ribs Manila

4 out of 5 Stars for Mandala Park Weekend Market!

--- Mandala Park Weekend Market: Litton and Co., Inc., Mandala Park, #312 Shaw Boulevard, Barangay Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

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