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I've been hearing a lot of social media buzz about Le Petit Soufflé. I've seen countless pictures of their food, famous of which were the Foie Gras Mac & Cheese, Fried Mushrooms, Salted Egg Caramel Parfait and of course, their various soufflé. I've also seen tons of pictures of their every-corner-Instagram-worthy store and thought how it would look like in real life. Until this Sunday, I was able to visit and try some of their dishes and desserts. 

Le Petit Souffle
Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall

The place looked stunning from outside. Natural light beaming together with artificial ones. The place looked so inviting. 

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall

Le Petit Souffle Interiors

Upon entering, you'll notice that the vibe is that of a garden. They've incorporated wood with bricks and tied everything together with lots of faux greenery. 

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall

They used lamps, fences, trellis, window frames and even rolling pins to complete their very chic interiors. The place was also well-lit with warm touches of yellow lighting that adds to the cozy and laid back vibe of the place.

Le Petit Souffle

Owned by Chef Miko Aspiras of Scout's Honor and previously of Magnum Cafe, Le Petit Soufflé promised comfort food from a fusion of classic French dishes with Japanese twist. As the name suggests, you bet that they also swear to provide awesome desserts that plays around soufflé and Matcha! The menu wasn't extensive but was enough but the line-up of dessert was nothing but great!

We gave the following a try ---

Le Petit Souffle Pork Bourguignon
Pork Bourguignon for 425Php

This dish was served in a bright red deep dish that looked like a skillet. It looked so beautiful that I had a hard time scooping some into my plate. This dish had a bed of garlic Japanese rice basking in a rich and flavorful red-wine sauce. 

Le Petit Souffle Pork Bourguignon
Closer look at all the yummy details

It's topped with chunks of tender pork leg braised in red-wine, carrots, onions, an assortment of mushrooms and bacon. To make it really appealing, a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg took the center stage. Each spoonful was a delight! I loved how they fused French with Asian cooking. Serving a classic French dish, Bourguignon, as a rice topping totally represented each cuisine.

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall
Squid-Ink Rice for 395Php

Another beautifully plated dish from this restaurant! I love squid-ink anything! The taste is different and goes really well with pasta dishes as well as paella. This dish was more like a paella topped with an assortment of seafood, Shimeji mushrooms, soft scrambled egg and a slice of fresh lemon. It had mussels, squid, octopus, fish roe and a big piece of shrimp. 

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall
Closer look at the seafood toppings!

Now that single piece of shrimp sitting on top of the glorious squid-ink rice was the juiciest, most succulent and perfectly cooked shrimp I've had in my life! No exaggeration here, it was just so plump that I even wished there was more.

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall
Japanese Beef Curry Soufflé for 525Php

The BEST dish we've had that day. Classic Japanese curry rice made extra special by the savory cheese soufflé it was topped with. The curry rice had all the good things that a Japanese curry promises together with generous serving of fine strips of US beef short plate. 

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall
A look at what's beneath the cheese soufflé

The curry went well with the cheese soufflé creating a more subtle and savory blend and each spoonful was screaming with flavors! I don't like dishes with curry that much but this one was something else.

We were so full after these three dishes but as they say "always leave room for dessert." We got the following --

Le Petit Souffle Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Soufflé
Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Soufflé for 350Php

This was good. Each spoonful was an explosion of chocolaty goodness. Warm and not too sweet, drench this with the Vanilla Creme Anglaise that it came with and you'll surely ask for more. Don't expect a milk chocolate type of soufflé here coz what you'll get is a deep and somewhat sour chocolate indicative of the high percentage of cocoa. 

Le Petit Souffle Mille Feuille
Mille Feuille for 250Php

For our dessert number 2, I was debating among the three and was very very tempted to get them all - Salted Egg Caramel Parfait, Mille Feuille and the Matcha Soufflé Pancake. Each one sounded so good but then the husband needed to bring me back to reality that FOUR DESSERTS for two adults and a grader was TOO MUCH. I almost ordered the Matcha Soufflé Pancake because you know, Matcha love but then the description of the Mille Feuille teased me - thousand leaves of puffed pastry with Guanaja and Matcha mousseline. Gah! Chocolate and Matcha, how can one resist? I was also thinking along the line of flaky layers of puffed pastry creating a beautiful mess around my chocolate and matcha mousseline. 

Le Petit Souffle Mille Feuille
Closer look at the Mille Feuille

When we got the dessert, we were amazed! Such a creative way of plating! The slice of Mille Feuille was sitting on top of a white shovel resting nicely on a wooden tray. It was served with some herbs, fresh strawberry slices and clusters of crumbly chocolate with cookie bits and some nuts. It was as if the dessert was taken out of a pot of plant! Taste wise, I would say that it was just okay. The puffed pastry weren't as flaky and the ensemble was kinda tough or maybe I just expected it to be a little delicate. But no! You can actually use your hands to pick up the whole thing and eat it like a sandwich. The Matcha was a little flowery too which I didn't like too much. You can skip this dessert.

Le Petit Souffle Century City Mall

Service was on point. Servers were extra friendly, always bearing a smile. The only problem I had was when I asked about their desserts and the difference between this and that. The server didn't know what exactly to say and looked confused. But then again, overall, I would say that it was a very pleasant visit and if I were to rate the ambiance alone, 5 stars will never be enough!

5 out of 5 Stars for Le Petit Soufflé!

--- Le Petit Soufflé: 3/F Century City Mall, Poblacion, Makati City

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