Paper Moon Cafe - Crepe turned into cake?

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First time I tried a Crepe Cake or Mille Crepe was in Starbucks which was actually good except the texture was off. Then I ordered another one online from Nutty Pear and was somewhat cloying and there was also something off with the texture. Then there came Paper Moon which is a Cafe from Tokyo specializing in Mille Crepes. I had to give it a try.

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta
Paper Moon Cafe in Glorietta 3

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta
Clean space but a little cramped because they have a lot of tables. Loved the white furnishings though.

Glorietta 3 houses Paper Moon Cafe's first branch. It was so timely that I often do my grocery rounds these days in SM Makati so Paper Moon Cafe is just a stone throw away. So, one quiet morning, I decided to finish my grocery list here. I got there a little before 11AM and the Cafe was empty! That was just what I needed that time. 

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Chocolate Mille Crepe
A slice of Paper Moon's Chocolate Mille Crepe and an empty Cafe

I checked the flavors they offer and decided to get their Chocolate Mille Crepe. Honestly, I wanted to try their Classic and Strawberry flavored crepe cakes too but each slice was a little too pricey and I wasn't ready to spend that much for small slices. Good thing their Chocolate Mille Crepe was good! I LOVED IT! 

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Chocolate Mille Crepe
Chocolate Mille Crepe Slice for 220Php

20 layers of crepe with alternating layers of pastry cream and dark chocolate filling

Texture wise, it didn't have that off and weird texture. It wasn't cloying too. Loved that the rich dark chocolate filling was alternated with light pastry cream. Then the top was caramelized. Best of all, it tasted great! The filling tasted like ice cream and it wasn't too sweet. Overall, it was a light dessert but trust me when I say that a slice is not enough. I could eat 3 slices of this in one go. Seriously, that good!

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Crepe Flavors
Other flavors of their Mille Crepe - Classic, Mango and Strawberry too!

Then I went back to Paper Moon on another occasion, on a sad Friday, hoping to cheer myself up with a slice of Mille Crepe. When I got there, the place was packed! I was almost left with no chair to sit on. It also took them quite a while to serve orders because most customers ordered coffee and the staff where some what disoriented. They were not so organized and their pantry was picture of chaos! Even took them a while to notice that I was there, ready to order.

Honestly, their inattentiveness bought me time to think about what to get. I was debating with myself if I'll get the classic, strawberry or mango. I thought about it carefully because 220Php is expensive for a slice of something that I can inhale in a about 3 minutes (non-stop) or say 5-10 mins if I'm trying to fake it.

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Mini Mille Crepe
Mini Mille Crepes for 350Php Each

Strawberry Mini Mille Crepe was the first to be eliminated coz even if it's the best flavor, 350Php ain't justifiable. So it was just between the classic one and mango. Kroooo kroooo kroooo... I decided to get the mango simply because there's a fruit add on. Same price with the classic but more ingredients. Thought it was a good move but...naaaah!

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Mango Mille Crepe
Mango Mille Crepe Slice for 220Php

The mango slices were over ripe! Soggy and too sweet and almost bordering to being "lamog" type. Still good but you know it could have been better if they were just ripe. Maybe that way they could have blended well with the cream. So, the ice cream-ish magic of the Chocolate Mille Crepe that I first tried wasn't there. Wish I gave the classic a try instead.

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Cookies Cupcakes
Other offerings such as cookies and cupcakes

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Cookies
More cookies for you!

Paper Moon Cafe Glorietta Cream Puffs
Cream puffs!

Other than crepe cakes they also sell cookies, Macarons, cream puffs, cupcakes, sandwiches, salad, quiche, coffee and tea. The place is a perfect spot to chill and chit-chat with friends or can be a quick escape for some dessert. Also loved how the space was amply lit by natural light.

3 out of 5 Stars for Paper Moon Cafe!

--- Paper Moon Cafe: Ground Floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

***you can also find them here:

---  4/F, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
--- 2/F, Mega A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

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