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Coffee Chronicles: The Curator - The Best Coffee Experience I've Had So Far!

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 24 November 2015 | 18:00

Just this Saturday, hubby and I together with some looloo friends went to TLC Festival in Bonifacio High Street Central. The plan was to have lunch there and then head over to Bondi & Burke for dinner. A series of unfortunate events happened which included Bondi & Burke being closed due to an event so we needed to think of another plan. Plan B was to visit Stockton Place, which was just around the corner, but was still closed for dinner when we got there around 5PM. Then our friends suggested The Curator. 

The Curator
The Curator Coffee and Cocktails

We were in a hurry to get to the place since they only serve coffee until 6PM. After that, they'll start serving cocktails which was also a good option but then I really wanted to try the coffee creations of this third wave coffee place. When we got there, place was dark and had no sign that they were open for business and we were already thinking where to go instead. Then there was Myka, the very accommodating barista, who went out and greeted us with a joyful "hola!" 

The Curator Barista
Yassi carefully creating that perfect latte art!

We were led to their space, pass the closed wine store, and into a seemingly secret space. Together with another barista, the equally pretty Yassi, they gave us their menu, asked if we were first timers and helped us out with our orders. Their passion for coffee was so intense that they were already talking coffee jargon! I kinda needed to wipe my nose since it started bleeding when they explained the types of coffee they offered. They asked us questions of what we preferred. I asked loads of questions about those listed in their menu and they willingly answered and even expounded! I wish all baristas were as passionate and knowledgeable as these two gals. Hands down!

Hubby, Jairus and I opted to get Espresso with Milk but tried different blends. 

The Curator Dark Matter Theory Cuppucinno
Espresso with Milk: Dark Matter Theory Cappuccino for 140Php 

I wanted something with chocolate but I wanted a balance between the sweetness and bitterness of my coffee so Myka suggested for me to get their Dark Matter Theory - Cappuccino. 

The Curator Dark Matter Theory Latte
Espresso with Milk: Dark Matter Theory Latte for 140Php 

Jairus, on the other hand, wanted something with chocolate too but opted for a more sweeter and less bitter coffee so Myka suggested a Dark Matter Theory Latte for him. 

This coffee blend had some dark chocolate in it with some fruity notes of cherry and toasted notes of almond. It had a deep and dark coffee taste that I liked a lot. Not for those who enjoy coffee with lots of milk, cream, sugar and all sorts of syrup because this Dark Matter Theory is pretty strong, bold and concentrated.

The Curator Purple Haze Latte
Espresso with Milk: Purple Haze Latte for 140Php

Hubby wanted something light without too much bitterness. Myka offered him their Piccolo sized Purple Haze Latte. I tried it and indeed, it wasn't too bitter and you won't get a strong coffee taste as well. It wasn't my type, honestly, since I want my coffee strong and bold. This blend had some blueberry notes, caramelized sugar and some sourness from apples.

The Curator Sweeteners

Since Jairus likes his coffee really sweet, he asked for some sugar. We were blown away when they served us a test tube tray with test tubes filled with syrups! I loved this concept! They have "W" for white sugar syrup, "A" for Agave, "H" for honey, "B" for brown sugar, "M" for Muscovado and "C" for coconut. Yassi suggested for us to taste the coffee first and add one syrup at a time in small quantity to find the best mix according to our personal liking. What I did though was to try a little of each syrup to see which will best suite my coffee. I went for the coconut sugar but only used a little since I was pretty happy with how my coffee tasted. Jairus dunked all of the Agave into his cup though. 

Sicilian Lemon Fizz
Sicilian Lemon Fizz for 140Php

Lea didn't go for a cup of coffee but got herself a glass of their their Sicilian Lemon Fizz. This cooler had lemon juice in it with orgeat syrup, which is basically a sweet syrup made from almonds, and some club soda. It looked refreshing though I wasn't able to try it.

To accompany our coffee, we got some snacks, for sharing.

The Curator Apple Pie
Apple Pie French Toast for 200Php

Such a great way to serve an apple pie! It was like a deconstructed apple pie where you'll get french toasts topped with apple slices instead of the usual flaky crust that needed some baking.  They used Brioche, a French pastry, as the toast. Cinnamon and butter, caramelized apples, granola, walnuts, pastry cream and lime zest made this one of a kind apple pie so good! Served warm, there was also a small cup of more sauce for drizzling. Can get really sweet and cloying but remember, your cup of coffee will break all that.

The Curator Honey Grilled Cheese
Honey Grilled Cheese for 250Php

So simple yet so good. You can't go wrong with grilled cheese. Again, they used Brioche, loaded it up with Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese, some honey. Sweet and salty, warm and gooey, another perfect coffee pair. They also threw in some potato chips on the side for some extra munching.

The Curator Apple Pie French Toast
Apple Pie French Toast served on a tray together with the utensils!

I liked how they served their food. Aside from the usual white and clean plate, those that we ordered where served in wooden try that carried the utensils as well as some tissue. Seems like they were serving breakfast in bed!

Dough Dealer Cookie
Matcha & Chocolate Chunks Cookie for 100Php

Then we also got a cookie. Good thing Jairus reads my reviews so he knew that I love anything Matcha! He ordered a Matcha Cookie for me to try. The Curator gets their cookies from Dough Dealer which also supplies cookies for EDSA BDG. We tried their Norman Osborn Matcha with Chocolate Chunks. I would say that the cookie could use more Matcha powder, which is of course a personal opinion since I like my Matcha flavor strong. On the brighter side, the chocolate used for the chocolate chunks was really good. They'll be excellent in a double chocolate cookie or maybe in a classic chocolate chip cookie. The cookie itself had a soft and chewey center with crunchy edges, just the way I like my cookie. I've tried better Matcha cookies and I'd say it's okay to skip this next time.

The Curator Makati
Unfinished wall and a shelf full of jars

The Curator Makati
Wall decors

The Curator Makati
Fresh lemons, limes and oranges

I loved everything that we had here. Other than the coffee and food, I also loved the place! The ambiance was that of relaxed and cozy with good lighting. Roughly unpainted and unfinished walls served as canvas for their menu. Then they have this corner that felt like a corner in a typical house with a shelf full of jars with ingredients and spices that are frequently used by the household for cooking. Beside it was a table with clear jars filled with fresh lemons and limes! Clever use of space - pantry and display in one! 

The Curator Makati
Long tables and bar chairs

The Curator Makati
Simple interiors

The Curator Makati
That space for those who come in pairs

I would say that they have ample seats, without over crowding the place. They have long tables for groups of friends which can also be used to share space with strangers but they also provided a space for those who come in pairs or even solo that wanted their own nook. I loved that the place was like a hidden getaway - a private coffee bar of espresso heaven, in the middle of a busy business district. When the clock hits 6PM, lights are dimmed and the place transforms into The Curator's alter ego - a bar serving cocktails. Was actually curious of the cocktails they serve but there's a next time for that.

The Curator Barista Yassi
Yassi looking pretty satisfied and proud with her finished product

We stayed there until past 6PM but they didn't hurry us to leave. They let us take our sweet time chit-chatting and taking snapshots of the pretty latte art they created as well as the Instagram worthy place. Myka and Yassi were so friendly that they took time to get to know us, asked for our names, check if we needed anything, checked if we liked our coffee and food and even wrote everything we ordered in a piece of paper with details of the ingredients. Now top that kind of customer service!

Overall, I would say that this is by far the BEST coffee experience I've had. This place ranks high in my list of coffee shops and I would say that I loved their coffee as much as I loved that of Toby's Estate. It's always a plus too when the baristas connect with the customers in a very natural and pleasant way. Great coffee x great customer service x great ambiance equals great coffee experience!

5 out of 5 Stars for The Curator!

--- The Curator Coffee and Cocktails: 134 Legaspi Corner Don Carlos Palanca Street, Inside Cyrano Wine Bar, Legaspi Village, Makati City

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