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First time I've heard about Bing Su was from my husband when we were still dating. He used to do part time ESL teaching with Koreans as students. He described it as the "halo-halo" version of Koreans. We got the chance to try this in Boracay via Halowich years ago and there was nothing sort of special. Fast forward to recently, Bing Su has become a craze. Places specializing in Bing Su have been sprouting like mushrooms left and right, taking advantage of it's current popularity. 

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu The Forum BGC
Cafe Seolhwa Bingsu - The Forum
Cafe Seolhwa Bingsu is the most popular in the Metro and I've been seeing countless reviews about how good their offerings were via looloo. I've been meaning to try this place but never had that chance right away. Until we had our dinner date at Nihonbashi Tei. I seriously wanted to end my Cafe Seolhwa curiosity so hubby brought me to Forum in BGC. The place was packed but we got a table right away. The staff looked so exhausted and almost everything was sold out already! Strawberry, Matcha, Choco Brownie, Mango and Cheese, Berry and Cheese...waaaah! Then there was this new flavor that caught my attention though - Caramel Coffee Bing Su.

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu Caramel and Coffee Bing Su
Caramel And Coffee Bing Su (Regular) for 240Php

You can opt for a regular or large size but I'm telling you that the regular sized one is already good for sharing contrary to what their menu says that it's good for only 1 person. If you are full from your meal, I urge you to get the regular size. The large size is huge and can feed about 2-3 people already. Good thing I only got a regular sized Bing Su, else it could have been a struggle to finish the large one.

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu Caramel and Coffee Bing Su
A closer look at all the stuff happening in this Bing Su

Remember Ice Monster? This is a better version. The ice was incredibly fine that it didn't feel like ice anymore. It had a generous portion of milk, just like our halo halo but since the ice was so fine, it held the milk nicely. Infused with some coffee, this Bing Su was topped with coffee crunch, almonds, cubes of cheesecake, a scoop of coffee ice cream and sweet caramel sauce. This could use more coffee, but maybe that's just me cause I always like my coffee strong. Can get a bit cloying but overall, it was good. Loved all the textures and play of flavors plus the coffee jellies buried in the milk snow! 

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu
Mango and Cheese Bing Su (Regular) for 240Php

Then came another chance for us to go to Cafe Seolhwa. It was a Friday night and I was with my daughters. The place was packed, yet again. Though ordering was a breeze, the place was full and we needed to wait to get a table. I was hoping to try their Strawberry Bingsu, as requested by Cherienne, but it was sold out, again. We got the Mango & Cheese Bing Su instead.

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu
Mango and Cheesecake Cubes and that Mango Sauce!

This one was way better than the Caramel and Coffee Bing Su. I loved the fresh mango cubes and the cheesecake cubes that were on top plus the thick and creamy vanilla ice cream! It was even drizzled with some mango sauce and finished off with crushed nuts. It was refreshing and incredibly good. Not cloying at all! When I got the Bing Su, I first thought that there wasn't a lot of toppings vs. the amount of ice it had. But as we dug in, there was actually enough!

They serve their Bing Su in this thick bronze sort of a bowl that keeps the snow ice from melting right away. It was surprising that even after about 15 minutes, the ice has not melted too much yet.

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu
Another wall art in the Cafe - Do you wanna build a snow man?

Other than Bing Su, they also offer coffee - hot, iced and even ice blended. They also have some meals, sandwiches and toasts topped with fruits, etc which I will try next time.

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu
Pretty Spacious with lots of tables and chairs. 

Cafe SeolHwa Bingsu
Very well lit.

Service is a little slow though. During both visits, our orders were served after about 20-30 minutes. Then again I guess that's okay as long as they serve their Bing Su beautifully all the time. Maybe they really need some precious time to assemble and beautify their Bing Su!

5 out of 5 Stars for Cafe Seolhwa Bingsu!

--- Cafe Seolhwa Bingsu: The Forum - 2nd Floor, The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive, BGC, Taguig City

***you can also find them here:

--- Century City Mall: Basement Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

--- The Commerce Center: Ground Floor, The Commerce Center, 1780 Commerce Corner Filinvest Avenue, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City

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