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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 26 July 2011 | 05:45

Dessert is inevitable after every good meal and more so after a not-so-good one. While hunting for good food finds in Boracay during our recent trip, we were at the same time, looking for great desserts. It's just the perfect way to conclude a meal.

After a Mongolian dinner on our first Boracay night, I wanted to have some froyo. If you have been reading my entries, you would have known by now how hooked I am with froyo, so I gotta have some even in Boracay. We asked around and were told that there is a froyo store somewhere in 'D Mall. We searched for it and found Fling. Fling is housed in the same store space as FIC. I had my share of a casual cup, smallest size, with no toppings. Their froyo was just what I craved - tarty and tangy as it can be with a very smooth texture. Hubby, on the other hand, found himself content with a cold ball of strawberry Mochiko. Yes! Mochiko is in Boracay! 

Yogurt Fling in Boracay
Casual cup for 85php
Mochiko in Boracay
Strawberry Mochiko for 70php

When we had our lunch in Puka Beach, we were trying to look for decent dessert treats but  to no luck, none came about our way. We just settled with my avocado shake for the sugar rush. Once we got back to 'D Mall, hubby wanted a light meal and all I wanted was dessert. We checked in Lemon i Cafe and I got my self their signature Lemon Cafe Cheesecake while hubby tried their Seared Big Eye Tuna. The cheesecake was presented nicely in a white plate with raspberry syrup art and topped with a thin layer of milk chocolate. The cheese cake was so smooth and creamy and you can taste that it's really made of cream cheese other than just all purpose or whipped cream that others would use as extenders. Just the perfect dessert after our salty seafood lunch.

Cheesecake Lemon I Cafe Boracay
Lemon i Cafe Cheesecake for 130php
Cheesecake in Lemon I Cafe
Closer look at the cheescake

Onto the beach (after we were tricked by Astoria Boracay) to find some refreshment, we came across Jonah's Fruit Shake. We gotta have a sip of their famous fruit shakes since they say that a trip in Boracay will never be complete without Jonah's. We got in the store located in Station 1. We ordered Chori Burger and fruit shakes to go. I got myself Banana Choco and hubby tried Banana Rhum. Their fruit shakes are famous because they are creamy and smooth with full fruit flavors - simply refreshing. The Banana Rhum with milk (you can actually go with no milk for this one :p) has all the banana shake goodness but with a strong kick of rhum. 

Best Fruit Shake in Boracay
Banana Choco and Banana Rhum w/ milk fruit shakes for 110php each

When we first set foot in 'D Mall, we have already noticed Red Bean Halowich. It serves sandwiches, halo-halo and some parfaits. It's a hit among tourists and you'll notice that most of their customers were Koreans. According to hubby, Koreans have their own version of halo-halo (called Pat Bing Su) where the ice concoction is topped with red beans. Anyway, everything in their display looks so delicious (that's the essence of advertising I guess and it's working for them) that I will not go home without trying one. Hubby got us this Mango Banana Ice that is basically made up of fresh bananas, mangoes, canned pineapples,corn flakes, crushed ice and milk topped with red beans, soft served ice cream (or sundae if you may), cherry and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Honestly, there is nothing special about it. Our local halo-halo is better. Will probably try their sandwiches or parfaits the next time.

Patbingsu in Boracay
Located at 'D Mall
Pat Bing Su Halowich
Mango-Banana Ice for 140php
Pat Bing Su Halowich'

After a sumptuous dinner at Aria Cucina Italiana we checked out the stores along Station 1 to find a place to chill and have some dessert. We found Zuzuni. Very inviting place with warm lighting, cozy looking furniture with candles lit up inside rolls of paper for every table - very romantic. We checked their menu for some treats and we decided to order Mati Chocolate Sin since the picture in the menu called out to me. We also tried one of their cocktail drinks, Frozen Calamansi Driver.

Zuzuni Boracay
Located @ Station 1
Zuzuni in Boracay
Nice-romantic place :D

A perfect example of pleasant contrast, warm flourless chocolate cake made from Valrhona chocolate (fine French Chocolate) served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream with dash of chocolate powder all over. Once you dive into the warm cake, a lava of thick chocolate syrup will explode! The perfect way to enjoy this treat is to place a spoonful of vanilla ice cream on top of the cake, fit everything into the spoon and let your taste buds be delighted. Heavenly!

Mati Chocolate Sin Zuzuni
Mati Chocolate Sin for 250php
Mati Chocolate Sin Zuzuni

To wash away the taste of too much sweetness, this cocktail is a perfect partner. Made up from fresh calamsi juice and vodka blended away with ice and served elegantly. This one is so refreshing that you won't notice that there is actually alcohol in it.

Zuzuni Boracay
Frozen Calamansi Driver for 140php

This next drink that I will introduce is in no way sweet, well at least for me and you'll find out why later on, but I would still want to share cause it's worth the try. While looking for a bar to chillax before heading back to the busy Metro the following day, we stumbled into Cocomangas just around the main street of the island. Funny about this bar is that the girls have no entrance fee but guys would need to pay 100php which includes one free beer. We checked their menu and went for the shakers. The deal is this: if you happen to buy one of their shaker drinks, the bottle shaker is yours and your refill is 110php less than the original price. We went for the Illusion Shaker just for the heck of the name. The color of the drink resembles the bluish green water of Boracay and according to hubby, it's alcoholic base is vodka. Right after my sixth shot, I felt all sleepy and tired and wanting to go to bed. I felt as if I wanted to vomit and all that but managed not to do so. Hubby was so concerned making him decide to go back to the hotel. He brought the shaker with him that's not even half empty. He actually finished all that was left with no hint of dizziness. Man!

Check out the sticker :D

Next time, I will try my best to shy away from dubious sounding alcoholic drinks and would stick to my hunt good food and desserts. 'Til next time Boracay!

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