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We've recently been to Boracay for a vacation and since we wanted to get most of the 4D3N that we had, we listed some activities that we would want to do and made the most out of the time left to try out restaurants and other food stores that were local to the place.

During our first night, we were so hungry that all we wanted is to find an eat-all-you-can type of treat. Seafood is not safe for hubby and some other buffet that were offered didn't  entice us for some odd reason. After minutes and minutes of walking (more like an hour), surveying the stores lined up along Station 2, we were drawn to MangoRay. Since we have been craving for Mongolian Quick Stop weeks before we had the trip, the Mongolian Bowl eat-all-you-can of MangoRay appealed to us. Nothing really special, just plain craving.

Mongolian Bowl eat-all-you-can for 290php
Meat section :p
Hubby's bowl full of meat
My bowl ready for stir fry
The following day was all sunshiny so we decided to do island hopping. The boatman took us to Puka Beach for lunch. Three hours passed cruising the blue sea, we were famished! (And I could eat a seahorse.) We went to a food hut called RRG and ordered Garlic Prawns and Grilled Lapu-Lapu.

One of the "by the beach" restos in Puka Beach
Fresh Buko Juice for 50php and Avocado Shake for 80php

These prawns were soaked in this sweet-salty sauce that surely has butter in it. Toasted garlic pieces were smothered all over the prawns. Delicious piece!

Garlic Prawns for 175php

This unfortunate, but tasty, fish was marinated with some soy sauce, sugar and spices and then grilled afterwards. The marinade found it's way to the flesh of the fish giving the dish it's characteristic grilled flavor. You ought to try this one!

Grilled Lapu-lapu for 300php

After island hopping, we went back to the hotel, took our baths and went straight to 'D Mall to grab some afternoon meal. We tried Lemon i Cafe located just in front of the mini Ferris wheel. We tried their best seller, Seared Big Eye Tuna and Lemon Cafe Cheesecake for dessert.

Very small serving but delicious. Perfectly grilled tuna sitting on top of a lemon flavored mashed potato and water spinach topped with black olive salsa.

Seared Big Eye Tuna for 495 php

Jonah's is famous not only for their fruitshakes but for their Chori Burger as well. Curious as we were, we tried this fancy burger and found out that Chori stands for chorizo or longanisa in colloquial terms. Makes sense. This reminded me of Burger Machine's Longanisa Burger, fondly called Tocino Burger by my hubby and his friends. I actually liked this Chori Burger though there is nothing special. It's made of your usual soft burger bun with longanissa, egg, tomatoes, cucumber, mayo and ketchup inside. It's your complete Filipino breakfast without the garlic rice!

Jonah's Fruit Shake @ Station 1
Chori Burger with fries for 110php

For our last night in Boracay, we had a sumptuous meal at Aria. You will not miss this restaurant because it's sitting right in front of the entrance to 'D Mall, coming from the beach area. It has big sign boards and is well lit. We tried their Quattro Formaggi Pizza and Amatriciana.

The pizza has four kinds of cheese, wood-oven baked and smelled absolutely marvelous! This is my new favorite cheese pizza, replacing Brooklyn's White pizza. The way that the crust was baked was amazingly good! Its crispy texture matched with a airy-soft feeling reminds of the Filipino hearty pan de sal that hubby loves to eat.

Quattro Formaggi for 525php

This pasta dish is flavorful. Little serving but oh so delicious. Tomato based fettucini (you can opt for penne or spaghetti for the pasta) with onions, Pancetta (Italian Bacon) and Pecorino cheese. Very simple but a must try.

Amatriciana for 340php

There are still a lot of restaurants in Boracay that I think are worth trying. If not for the activities that I lined up for our trip, we could have sampled more than the above. But anyway, there is still the next trip and I promise to make the most out of it to check out what the other restaurants have to offer.

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