A Not So Magnifico Papa John!

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 1 August 2011 | 04:27

It was a busy Sunday for my family. We went to Megamall to meet our friends, the Lius. The kids had a great time playing in the arcade and running about the mall. We then had a sumptuous meal at Luk Yuen and some dessert at California Berry. After the family date, we went around the mall to see if there is something that we wanted to buy - just plain window shopping. We headed to Greenhills for Sunday Service at VCF after sometime walking around while window shopping. Since we arrived a bit early, we decided to stop by Auntie Anne's to grab a pretzel dog, a choco-chip pretzel and some lemonade. We definitely had a great time during the service, singing along with praise and worship and listening to what was being taught through the word. Right after the Sunday service, hubby got hungry. We checked out the restaurants and tried to spot a store that we have not yet tried. We saw Papa John's Pizza and decided to give it a shot.

The place was actually nice and spacious with the story of how Papa John's got to be all over the wall. They serve pizza, pasta, chicken and some sweet pieces. We gave the following a try:

Super Papa's Pizza (9 inches) for 320php
Soft and crispy crust with fresh tomato sauce as the base. A combination of Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives and mozzarella cheese served as the makings of the pizza itself. It comes with a Garlic dipping sauce and some pieces of green pepper. Taking a bite, it reminded me of Pizza Hut's Super Supreme Pan Pizza. Nothing really special about it except for the distinct fresh taste of the tomato base. I wouldn't say that it is a must try.

Baked Italian Meat Balls for 140php
Beef meat balls with herbs and spices that were baked with bolognese sauce and cheese were the elements that made this dish. I would say that it comes in a little serving but the meatballs are tasty making each bite a flavorful one. This is the tastiest dish that we had for the night.

Chicken and Mushroom Calzone for 160php
This is an oven-baked calzone filled with chicken, mushroom, cheese and Papa John's garlic sauce. It comes with a tomato based sauce as a dip. Again, nothing really here that caught our taste buds. No distinct flavor or should I say that the dish needs a little bit more of something 'cause the taste isn't something to look forward to. It can serve as something that marks as a filler for your meal but not something you would want as your main dish.

Cheese Sticks for 90php
This is more like a mozzarella cheese pizza because of how it was served. It's basically pizza dough covered with the their Garlic Sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. Again, this comes with a Garlic Sauce for dipping. Something I wish I did not choose. I was expecting something different or because of how it deviates from the presentation of your usual cheese stick, but it lacked everything from the taste we were expecting to the surprise it could have packed.

Vanilla Ice Cream Float for 79php
This is your ordinary soda float. Coke with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream on a bed of whipped cream. Nothing much to say.

Inside Papa John's Pizza in Greenhills
Overall, I was not satisfied with what we had. I have nothing against Papa John's Pizza. Maybe we just did not choose their best dishes. With this experience, I would say that this is not a place that I would want to come back to. I'm so sorry Papa John! :p

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