A Toast to Kapampangan Food - Razon's of Guagua

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 1 August 2011 | 04:37

It was a rainy Saturday morning and we headed to McKinley Hill for hubby's Photography Club meeting. Coming from work (since I'm doing the evening shift), I was all sleepy and tired after visiting Datacom Connect. I wanted to have some comfort food for lunch. I was not really looking for a heavy meal, but more of a homey treat that would make me feel good rather than full. Since we were in McKinley, I thought of Razon's of Guagua. Being the Kapampangan that I am (born and raised in the City of Tarlac where Kapampangans are proliferate), I longed to savor familiar flavors that I had grown up with. 

Since Razon's originated from Guagua, Pampanga, their food selection are of Kapampangan heritage. When I think of Razon's, I can only salivate about their knockout halo-halo. But, they serve more than just that.

Razon's of Guagua Halo-Halo
Razon's Halo-Halo for 90php
The all-time favorite halo-halo made from very fine ice shavings, sweetened banana, langka and macapuno drizzled with rich carabao's milk and topped with very creamy leche flan is more than a treat. The combination is heavenly! Simple yet very rich in flavor.

Razon's of Guagua Palabok
Razon's Pancit Luglug for 90php
Everybody knows how a Pancit Luglug tastes like. Razon's version is made up of round thick noodles with a rich sauce that has the right saltiness, crushed chicharon pieces and topped with some hard boiled egg pieces. Very light and yummy.

Razon's of Guagua Dinuguan
Razon's Dinuguan with Puto for 120php
Hubby decided to get himself the classic Dinuguan with Puto. As I have expected, the meat is soft and the sauce is thick. It has the characteristic sour taste that resembles the Dinuguan being served at home. Hubby was actually surprised with the taste since he was expecting a more salty, than sour, Dinuguan that he has grown up eating. The puto (mini rice cake) is a wonder as well, being soft and lightly sweet, yet having that stickiness that makes you want to nibble some more. It's amalgamation with Dinuguan makes this Filipino dish exceptional. 

Razon's of Guagua Arroz Caldo
Razon's Arroz Caldo for 80php
For the little girl, I ordered Arroz Caldo. As expected, this one is very flavorful - salty with strong garlic and chicken flavor. The lavished with the taste of the spring onions is also notable. It also has two big chunks of chicken and hard boiled egg. Perfect for a rainy day.

That meal was a sure gastronomical treat. Nothing beats home grown goodness. 

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  1. Razon is one of my favorite kainan ever! I love their halo-halo best seller! Angeles City Pages

  2. I really love Razon's of Guagua, they serve delicious pampanga food trip. I also love their halo-halo. Two thumbs up! :)


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