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Written By clapalisoc on Monday 1 August 2011 | 04:33

After having a not so good dinner at Papa John's Pizza in Greenhills, I knew that I needed to have something to uplift my spirits that is a sure hit. Good thing that there is a Happy Lemon store along Greenhills Promenade that can surely pacify my displeasure with our dinner. 

Happy Lemon at Greenhills Promenade
Very long line and we were last!
When we got to the store, it was packed with people waiting on the line to order their favorite drink. Hubby even thought of going to Eastwood instead to try our luck. I decided to stay for a while to take a picture of the crazy line and noticed that the line was actually moving quicker than what we had expected. After 30 minutes waiting, I got my turn to order and hubby spotted a table with two chairs for us. Lucky us! We ordered two wonderful drinks:

Happy Lemon's Lemon Yakult (large) for 100php
The classic "okay ka ba tyan" drink packed with good bacteria, mixed with lemon juice and blended with ice. The finished product is a rich Yakult and Lemon flavored concoction that is no doubt sour but is surely refreshing. The taste actually reminded me of Coffee Bean's Lemon Square - oh so delicious!

Happy Lemon's Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago (large) for 90php
This one is made from roasted tea with milk and small sago pieces. One sip and you will immensely taste the strong kick of roasted tea - very earthy (if you know what I mean) with distinct bitterness that is made delicately of milk. After sometime trying to figure out what the aftertaste is like, I finally figured it out! Seaweed was the answer. I don't know if it's just my taste buds, since hubby can't figure out where I got the seaweed after taste, but I'm definite that it's there. When I say seaweed, I mean the seaweed used to wrap sushi and maki (green stuff around the sticky rice).

The Happy Lemon "Order Number" Device
Hubby as he tries to imitate the Happy Lemon Girl :p
Another good thing I liked about Happy Lemon is the way they manage their queue. They have this round device that will light up and buzz once your order is ready. They give this right after you order. You just have to go to the counter and give it back and your drinks are ready. Nice nice!

Cherienne doesn't want to give up my drink!

Happy Lemon is a sure hit among people of all ages. They only sell drinks but their business is alive and is definitely rocking the town. I wish they could open up more stores, specially in the south, so I could sample some more of their tea masterpieces.

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