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My husband and I are a big fan of Japanese cuisine. There are several Japanese restaurants in the Metro but most would offer fast food quality dishes. Good thing there are those that offer very good ambiance with very good food selection. One of which is Omakase. There are two branches that I know - one in Libis, just beside the building of Citi Bank, and the other one in Alabang, in the old building of Alabang Town Center.

I'll leave it to you!
Come on in!

Waiting for the food to be served!
A couple of weeks ago, we went to ATC and when it was time for dinner, I instantly remembered Omakase since it's location seems so private and secluded. It was a Sunday night and there were a lot of families lined up to get a table. After almost one hour of waiting, with not even a hint of giving up, we were given a table to dine. We ordered the following.

Omakase's Mt. Fuji Roll for 270php
Mt. Fuji Roll with the mayo dip
This is one of their best sellers in their Makimono selection. Maki with deep fried tuna inside topped with fried unagi (fresh water eel) and cream cheese. It comes with mayo as a dip - unconventional way of serving maki. The way that the cream cheese blended with the whole thing is superb. Would make you ask for more.

Omakase's Jurassic Maki for 285php
Another favorite from their Makimono selection, this one has ebi tempura, kani, ebiko, salmon skin and cucumber inside. It is then topped with unagi whose taste is very distinct. This is also served with mayo as the dip. 

Omakase's Salmon Nigiri Sushi for 180php
Hand pressed salmon sushi that is fresh but without any stench of fishiness - just plain Japanese sushi goodness.

Omasake's Kaki Nama Udon for 180php
Hot noodles for the little girl. It had kamaboku, spinach and boiled egg in a very rich sweet and salty broth with thick noodles.

Omakase's Saga Tofu for 130php
In any Japanese resto, I would always order for tofu. I am a fan of the mushroom sauce that comes with it. Here, the tofu was deep fried, but it was still soft, and was lavished with a thick mushroom sauce that is just perfect. One healthy alternative to meat.

Omakase's Katsu Curry with Rice for 210php
If tofu is my thing, Katsu is my husband's. This dish has a very strong Japanese curry smell with a very subtle curry taste smothered over tender vegetables cuts and deep fried pork cutlet. 

Omakase's Watermelon Shake for 85php
This is by far the most presentable watermelon shake that we've had. The shape of the glassware is not the usual tall with no curves and the cherry on top made it quite lovely. The taste, however, is just your usual watermelon shake. 

There are still tons of maki and sushi and other dishes to try and will surely find a way to make us go back. See you soon! :)

---Omakase : Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa

***you can also find them here:
---Libis, Quezon City (just outside Eastwood City, behind Citibank building - look for a MiniStop Store)

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