Rekindling my love for Mr. Choi

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 5 September 2011 | 06:06

It's been a while since I've visited my all-time favorite mall - Robinson's Place Manila. Today, we had the chance to stop by Rob after our hunt for some Chinese stuff in Binondo. Passing by Padre Faura, where my beloved UP Manila CAS resides is simply nostalgic. A whole lot had changed in the area, especially inside the mall, but the feeling of being "home" was still there.

I remember back in college, my friends and I would once in a while treat ourselves to some foodie goodness , especially after long, exasperating and brain-draining exams. Mr. Choi's Kitchen was one of our favorite spots. So when we visited today, Mr. Choi was the ultimate destination for lunch.

One corner in the resto
Orange every where!
Ready to survey the menu :D
Upon entering the restaurant, I instantly noticed that the interior has morphed. There was this classy and private ambiance with a little gloomy lighting that I was so used to and today, the place is more like open-to-the-public with very bright lighting taking away the feeling of being a personal and private place. But anyway, the food is still of the same quality. We ordered the following:

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Yang Chow Fried Rice for 190php
All time favorite Chinese fried rice, this one has generous servings of ham, shrimp, some squid and vegetables tossed into the egg-infused rice.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Baked Roast Duck with White Sauce for 220php
Perfectly baked rice topped with generous servings of roasted duck and covered with thick and creamy white sauce - You will definitely ask for more!

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Camaron Rebusado for 330php
Classic way of serving shrimp, Mr. Choi's version has the right golden brown and flavorful breading served with the right crisp.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet for 275php
Breaded fish fillet that is cooked with a certain softness and smothered with thick sweet and sour sauce and finally topped with tender carrots and red bell peppers - You will not even notice that you're eating fish!

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Taosi Spareribs for 100php
A must-order dimsum whenever I go to any Chinese restaurant. Soft spareribs with salty taosi. Perfect with a spicy soy sauce and calamansi concoction.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Spareribs with Chicken Feet Rice Toppings for 165php
Overflowing bowl of rice topped with the same spareribs and chicken feet dimsum delight.

Mr. Choi's Kitchen's Chicken with Sweet Corn Soup for 75php
There should always be an order of soup whenever we dine out. This is specially for the little girl. A generous serving of rich and thick corn soup with sweet corn and chicken bits - Really sumptuous.

As usual we ordered for watermelon shake, which I was not able to take a picture of, for the little girl. 

By the end of the ordeal, we were all satisfied and still had some left for dinner. I so love you Mr. Choi!

----Mr. Choi's Kitchen
----Adriatico Wing, Robinson's Place Manila, Ermita
***You can also find them in Waltermart, Pasong Tamo, Makati (atleast these are the locations I know :D)

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