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It was a lazy Saturday night and most of the people at home were out partying somewhere. We were about to order food for delivery but hubby thought of dining out instead. We have been wanting to visit La Grotta in Makati but the idea always escapes our mind. So that night, hubby was a little determined to check out the place. There were two locations that we know of, but since I needed to drop by the office for a short while, we decided to visit the nearest one located at PTE (Pasong Tamo Extension).

Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine Makati
Casa Nostra Makati
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Right outside

Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
This is what you'll see once you get in
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine Makati
The wine bar
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine Makati
High ceiling with chandelier!
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
There's a second floor!
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine Makati
Way up

We went on our way to Eco Plaza and as we were vaguely acquainted with the locale we didn't have any idea where La Grotta resided. Asking the guard on duty, we learned that "Casa Nostra" is in fact La Grotta. Upon research, I found out that this establishment of La Grotta was bought and renamed "Casa Nostra." Looking at the restaurant from the outside, it's as if nothing was great about it. Once you get inside, you'll be amazed of the interior. It's as if you have been taken to another place and time (The Godfather, anyone?). The lighting was very warm and cozy, the furniture and fixtures were lavish, the staff -- friendly. The place is so private and romantic. Adorned with chandeliers, thick curtains with detailed embroidery and bricked corners and walls, it brings about a welcome feeling of class and privy. The menu boasts proud with all the Italian sophistication (thank God for translations!). We gave the following a try.

Pizza Bianca from Casa Nostra
Bianca for 425php

Three cheese pizza made up of ricotta, gorgonzola and mozzarella (and you have to say these with accent!) which is then topped with Prosciutto (Italian ham) and some herbs. Every bit of this pizza is heaven! Rich cheese flavor with a soft thin crust, you will definitely want seconds. No doubt that this is the best cheese pizza for me, by far replacing Aria's Quattro Formagi. I tell you, this is a super dooper must try! :)

Truffle Oil Pasta from Casa Nostra
Tagliatelle di Turtufo Crudo for 395php

In any Italian restaurant, I always hunt for a pasta dish with truffle oil. Truffle, by the way, is the fruiting body of an underground mushroom which is very rare. When incorporated in a dish, it basks of a very earthy, distinct flavor. This dish is made up of tagliatelle pasta (which is more like fettuccine) in a rich truffle cream sauce with Porcini mushrooms and Parma ham. This pasta is a treat in every single way!

Filetto di Pesci from Casa Nostra
Filetto di Pesci for 450php

A big serving of fillet of sole (flat fish) that was lightly flavored and deep fried to golden brown-crispy perfection. This dish comes with a caper cream sauce dip and beautifully served with a slice of lemon, potato wedges and leafy salad drenched in choice white wine and balsamic vinegar. Before savoring the dish, don't forget to drizzle the fillet with fresh lemon juice. 

Risotto from Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Risotto alla Finanziera for 325php

Risotto is Italian rice. This dish is made from Italian  arborio rice cooked with tender chicken chunks, mushrooms and Mascarpone cheese. Mascarpone cheese is a thick cream cheese with milky-white color that is made from fresh cow's milk. The result is a creamy, cheesy dish with full flavor enhanced by the herbs and spices that it includes. 

Kid's Meal from Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Piatto per Bambini Uno for 195php
Enjoying her meal

Dish for the little girl who loves noodles! Small serving of Spaghetti Bolognese served with a slice of Margherita pizza. Usually kiddie meals are not so tasty as the regular ones but this combo is a sure hit for both  kids and kids at heart. The pizza slice is actually something to drool for!

Cannoli from Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Cannoli for 195php

Surveying the Dolci (dessert) part of their menu, my heart was immensely delighted to see Cannoli filling its ranks! At one point, I searched all over the internet for a place that offers this Italian dessert. It was a dream come true so, I immediately ordered this to be served after the main course. It was actually the highlight of the dinner (at least for me) and when it was served I instantly fell in love with the way it was presented. Cannoli consists of tubular shaped pastry shells that were deep fried and then filled with sweetened whipped ricotta cream. Casa Nostra's version had bits of chocolate at each end of the tubes. The shell is a bit hard but the filling is worth it. This is a must try dessert instead of the usual gelato and panna cotta.

Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Green Mango Shake for 85php
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Ripe Mango Shake for 85php

There was no watermelon shake in the menu so we opted for the ripe mango, for the little girl, instead. 

Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Complementary bread
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Pesto Paste and Potted Meat
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Olive Oil with Balsamic Vinegar and Salt
Enjoying the Potted Meat
Having fun while waiting for the food to be served

Another good thing about high end restaurants are the hors d'oeuvres they give out. Here, they serve complimentary bread, of good quality, different varieties and of ample quantity, all accompanied with dips that you can sample. Among what was presented to us were olive oil with balsamic vinegar and salt, fresh pesto paste and potted meat. Simple as they are, they provide the best entry for our dishes as we waited.

Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Our table
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
More table details
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine
Some of the interior details
Casa Nostra Italian Cuisine

Overall, my husband would say that this is an A ++. Exquisite food, ambiance and service.

---Casa Nostra : G/F Ecoplaza Building, 2305 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City

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