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Whenever we go on a trip, hubby and I always look for some gastronomic treats. Just this September, we went on a DIY adventure to Coron. I did some research and did not really find any outstanding restaurants or food treats coming from this small town. But anyway, we still tried our best to sample what Coron can offer our tummies.

Surveying the (vast) small town residing in the island of Busuanga, it's obvious that sea food is the best bet. Fresh fish, crabs and lobsters and shrimp are a given. Hubby, being hypersensitive to sea food, gave us the option to scrounge for some alternative indulgences. All over the place, near the public market, you'll find an assortment of mixed and matched eateries. Nothing really the stomach full of grand. On our first day in Coron, we tried Kawayanan Grill for lunch.

Kawayanan Grill is just across Coron Coliseum and Recreation Center which is just in front of Coron Municipal Hall. The place is literally made up of bamboos - the huts, the tables and chairs! The place is very close to nature with it's al fresco style, trees and other greenery all over. We surveyed their menu and opted to give the following a try.

Kilawing Isda for 200php
This is categorized as an Exotic Filipino Delicacy. It's made from fresh tuna chunks cooked in vinegar (Yes! Just vinegar!) and then served with lots of pepper, onions, ginger (to remove the stinky fishy smell and taste) chili and small slices of cucumber. It's sure very sour but it's surprisingly good! It's just like eating tuna sashimi, if you like Japanese food that is.

Kinunot na Pague (Sting Ray) for 150php
We tried this one because it's not everyday that you see sting ray on the menu. In this dish, the sting ray was cooked in coco milk and is then seasoned with salt, peppercorns and chili. The texture is not so fish-like -- more like eating shredded pork. Hubby said that it could have been better if the sting ray was just plainly fried so we got to experience it's true flavor. Anyway, this one is a good try.

Lolo Nonoy's
After lunch, we rested a while and headed out to the vast unknown (our inland tour)! We were so exhausted after that tour -- imagine having to climb Mt. Tapyas with unending (700) steps. We decided to get a hot water bath right after and head out again for dinner. Walking around the place, we found Lolo Nonoy's. Just like Kawayanan Grill, this food house is very close to nature with its own al fresco style and huts all over the place. You can buy some meat or sea food from the public market and have them cook it for you here. The menu, however, is very simple. We ordered the following:

Grilled Liempo for 95php
A very deadly viand! The marinade was utterly tasty and the characteristic grilled taste was evident as it tried to come out of the food and into your mouth. High blood peeps, watch out!

Giniling for 50php
Tomato based dish which reminded me of torta, just without the egg.

Leche Flan for 100php
A good way to end a meal only there is something different with this version. It's thick, but not creamy, which then just makes it sweet. It could have been better if they added more milk into it. But anyway, when you have no other pick, you're forced to just deal with it.

Banol Beach
Before we sailed into the sea for our Coron Island Loop Tour, our boatman informed us that they can cook our lunch. We headed out to the public market and bought some pork, fresh fish and rice.  The boatman took care of the utensils and cooler for the ice and some drinks. After several hours of island hopping and snorkeling, we headed out to Banol Beach and had a sumptuous lunch by the beach!

Grilled Liempo
Perfectly grilled that comes with a chili toyomansi and onions dip!

Grilled Stuffed Tilapia
Nothing beats fresh fish! Fresh tilapia stuffed with some onions and tomatoes and then grilled.

Summary of expenses for the this lunch:

- Tilapia (2pcs): 105php
- Liempo (more than 1/2 kilo) : 100php
- tomatoes + onions + calamansi : 26php
- rice (1 kilo): 42php
- charcoal (a pack): 20php
- drinks (two 500ml Sprites + 1 Coke in can + 2 bottles of Sparkle + 5 pieces of ice): 112php

Since we got uber tired from the whole day touring islands, we decided to eat dinner at the restaurant of Sea Dive. The menu has a lot to offer but I was craving for something very local - Sinigang. I got what I wanted, complete with fish sauce with calamansi and chili!

Pork Sinigang for 230php
Coke Light (from the tour drinks) and Mango Juice for 45php 

Day three was pack up day. Before checking-in at the airport, we had a quick lunch in a food house near the airport. Very simple food for two very hungry people.

Menudo for 50php
Fried fish for 50php
Even though Coron doesn't have much to offer when it comes to food (not really where you have places to go to really eat an ultimate dish), it will surely give your eyes and spirits a feast with the scenery it presents while digging in. The place is something to go back to, again and again.


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