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Rainy days call out for a good bowl of noodles with flavorful soup. While we where in Eastwood City for a quick Happy Lemon stop before heading home after our team building, my Ramen-crazy friend invited us to have lunch at Ramen Bar. Hubby and I haven't tried the resto yet so we said yes.

That's GeeAnn! Perfect shot! :D

Ramen Bar in Eastwood City can be located in the stretch of shops along the 1880 building. The restaurant has a very simple minimalist design that is very cozy and inviting. The place was well lit complementing the red walls. The menu was simple and modest but the food was awesome! We gave the following a try:

Ramen Bar's Kakuni Buns for 180php
Special white buns filled with braised pork belly sitting on top of fresh lettuce leaves, drizzled with special sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. Delicious! I would definitely order for more when I go back to Ramen Bar.

Ramen Bar's Super Chasyu Ramen for 380php
According to the menu, this bowl is made up of a soy infused Tonkotsu Ramen that is topped with overflowing slices of chasyu and tamago. The menu also defined the terminologies used: 

Tonkotsu = pork bone soup boiled for 20 hours
chasyu = means sliced porked
tamago = soft boiled egg marinated for 45 hrs

The soup is very rich in flavor. It is somewhat milky, which is due to the soy, and boasts of rich meat taste. It also has generous serving of meat.

Ramen Bar's Chasyu for 120php
Tender slices of grilled pork served with Japanese mayo, these little slices are very soft to the bite. 

Ramen Bar's R.B.S #1 for 380php
Same as the Super Chasyu Ramen above, this bowl is also soy infused but has more toppings - tamago, naruto (fish sticks), nori (dried seaweed), negi (spring onion), chasyu and kakuni (braised pork belly).

Every single dish that we tried was amazingly good. Ramen Bar is something to go back to especially during bed weather rainy days. 

---Ramen Bar : 1880 bldg. Eastwood City, Libis, QC

***you can also find them here:
---Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, BCG, Taguig City

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