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Burger joints have been sprouting like mushrooms all over the Metro. Most offer 100% pure beef patties, usually grilled to perfection. Some would go all out and add bacon, tons of it, incredible amount of different kinds of cheeses, some would even add onion rings or even offer not only double but triple burger patties! To push it to the extreme, others would even wrap their burger all the way with bacon and deep fry the whole thing! There are also those who just stick to the basics - great beef patty, good bun, crisp lettuce and a slice of tomato - that's it!

Then there's Fowlbread.

Not minding the beef burger main game, they took the road less traveled and came up with a burger that highlights chicken! Yes, chicken burger, errr sandwich! They weren't intimidated by the greasy competition, standing proud amidst the difference. Honestly, I'm not a Chicken Burger fan because most of those that we have in the market have dry and bland chicken breast coated with batter, deep fried and slammed smack into a burger bun. No appeal whatsoever coz I like my chicken juicy and of course with some skin! The good chicken stuff is there, yah know.

Fowlbread High Street
Fowlbread in BGC - High Street

Since the husband loves chicken burgers, he was so delighted when I told him about Fowlbread. Friday date night led us to High Street searching for the place. It was easy to spot. Blue letters with unfinished cement like canvass and overall industrial appeal. It has this bar type counter facing the open kitchen where you can watch the staff prepare your food. They also have this small aircon room with just about 4 tables inside. They don't have a formal menu yet. All they have is a piece of bond paper photocopied as their make shift menu. With only 5 items listed and another page for drinks which included cocktails and beer, this store thrives mostly on chicken burger! So that explains why I only see their Chicken Sandwich in my newsfeed! I was really curious if they didn't offer anything else that's worth a try in their menu.

We decided to try everything in their menu - Chicken Sandwich (you can opt for safe, spicy or chemical level), garlic fries (or salted as an option), Potstickers, Garlic Egg Noodle with Tiger Prawn and Banana Doughnuts. Sad but they run out of Potstickers that day, no more Tiger Prawns as well to join the noodles and their Banana Doughnuts were sold out. So it was a chicken burger x garlic fries x egg noodles kind of night.

Fowlbread Garlic Egg Noodles
Garlic Egg Noodle for 170Php

Waiting time was tolerable. The Garlic Egg Noodle looked bland and sad, just pure carbo waiting to be eaten. But don't be fooled! As simple as it looks, this noodle packs some awesome flavors! Thick, firm and chewy noodles with a strong kick of garlic, cheese and buttery notes. There was also this seafood-ish kind of flavor that could be coming from whatever seasoning was added. Even without any meat, this noodle was an instant favorite of ours!

Fowlbread Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich for 235Php

Then came the Chicken Burger, err sandwich but let's stick with the burger coz come on, that's a burger! The Chicken Burger was IG ready with a thick chicken fillet topped with pickled dill and slices of radish, topped with coated chicken skin! THE BEST CHICKEN BURGER IDEA EVER! One bite and you'll be reminded of the chicken from Badbird, that umami-licious flavor! Loved that the chicken fillet was juicy plus the skin gave additional flavor and crunch. The pickle and radish gave a break to the rather monotonous flavor. Best chicken burger in the market!

Fowlbread Chicken Sandwich Garlic Fries
Chicken Sandwich with Garlic Fries for 290php

Hubby tried removing the chicken skin of his burger and confessed that it's not as good anymore. So you know, the chicken skin plays a big factor - taste wise and texture wise.

Fowlbread Egg Noodles Chicken Burger
Chicken Burgers x Egg Noodles!

Seriously, good stuff here which made us go back on a Sunday! We decided that the Chicken Burger and Egg Noodles weren't for sharing so this time we ordered 2 of each. We were able to try their Banana Donuts during our second visit, still no luck with their Potstickers though. 

Fowlbread Banana Donuts
Banana Donuts for 140Php

Loved these little babies! Donut holes filled with banana, dusted with powdered sugar and a little cinnamon, served with whipped cream and chocolate dip! How can you go wrong with chocolate and banana? I just somehow wish that the chocolate was a bit thicker. It was too runny but it was still big in chocolate goodness.

Loved the service here as well. They were attentive and were always smiling.

Fowlbread BGC

The contrast of this place was also quite amazing. You wanna chill with some burger and fries over a couple bottles of beer? Lounge at the bar counter or keep yourself comfy in their al fresco area and it's the perfect place to unwind. Feeling a little formal? The enclosed area is best for you. Warmly lit, great temp, choice interiors, upholstered wall chair, it's your perfect date place.

Fowlbread BGC

We definitely loved this place and I just know that we'll visit Fowlbread again and again!

5 out of 5 Stars for Fowlbread!

---Fowlbread: B4, Bonifacio High Street, 11th Ave. cor. 28th St., BGC, Taguig City

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