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Joining the gelato bandwagon is this new kid on the block, Casa Italia. Located in Forbes Town, BGC, just beside Coco Ichibanya and just across Robinson's Selections Supermarket, we went here to get some dessert love after our satisfying dinner at Wrong Ramen

Casa Italia Forbes Town BGC
Casa Italia - Forbes Town

Casa Italia Philippines
Inside Casa Italia

Casa Italia Forbes Town BGC
Inside Casa Italia

The place was big with high ceiling and a spacious second floor to boot! It was well thought of with lots of decorations. 

Casa Italia Philippines
Looking down from the stairs that would take you to the spacious second floor

Casa Italia Philippines
Colorful chairs on the second floor!

Casa Italia Philippines
Snapshot from the other side!

More second floor details

Casa Italia Philippines
Tall wall of glass!

They had a wide assortment of gelato flavors and it was so hard to choose. Good thing the staff that assisted us was generous enough to let us try all the flavors we wanted and even recommended some.

Casa Italia Philippines Gelato Flavors
Green Tea, Mango Yogurt and Apple Pie would have to be my favorites from this batch!

Casa Italia Philippines Gelato Flavors
Vanilla, Crunchy Mocha and Yogurt tops my list from this selection!

Personally, I liked the Apple Pie Gelato as well as the Green Tea (but of course - #greentealove). Since I'm a big fan of yogurt, I also liked their Mango Yogurt. We also tried Nutella, Dark Truffle, Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, Mango Sorbet, Toblerone, Passion Fruit, Pistachio, Raspberry, Crunchy Mocha, Avocado, Bailey's, After Eight, Plain Yogurt, and Blueberry Yogurt. The server was very patient with us since I was with my daughter and she really had a hard time choosing.

Casa Italia Philippines Gelato Flavors
Two scoops for 195Php

We got 2 scoops - Mango Yogurt and Nutella. I loved both! Texture wise, the gelato was smooth then it was also thick and bursting with flavors. They were able to capture the flavors being projected.

Casa Italia Forbes Town BGC
Affogatto - Solo for 175Php

I also tried their Affogato and the lady suggested Crunchy Mocha or Vanilla. Went for Crunchy Mocha with a single shot of espresso. Quite disappointed with the presentation here since they placed it in an over-sized coffee paper cup. The entire thing looked like poop when you take a peek inside the cup. The coffee was strong! It had the characteristic bitter coffee taste plus it was really sour! I would say that I've had better Affogato but then maybe I should have paired the shot with Vanilla. But still, I think price was a little steep.

Casa Italia Philippines Gelato Flavors
Nutella and Strawberry Cheesecake, please!

Casa Italia Philippines Gelato Flavors
Definitely went for Bailey's and After Eight for this batch!

The way they showcased their gelato was just like how the majority of the gelato stores do it - huge slab of gelato glamoured with fruits or chocolates etc to give visual appeal and explanation of what flavor to expect.

Casa Italia Forbes Town BGC
Some of the pastries from the counter

Casa Italia Philippines Cakes
More sinful goodies!

Casa Italia Philippines Sandwiches
Some sandwiches, if you don't fancy cakes and pastries

Aside from gelato, Casa Italia offers meals, pasta, pizza and even pastries. On our second visit, yes we came back as requested by my daughter, we tried their lasagna, croissant and of course, more gelato!

Casa Italia Philippines Butter Croissant
Butter Croissant for 65Php

The Croissant was good. We got the Butter Croissant that came with strawberry jam and butter. Served warm, it was flaky and had just a hint of sweetness. Reminded me so much of the Plain Butter Croissant of Starbucks. My daughter liked it too but then again she loves anything croissant!

Casa Italia Forbes Town BGC
Beef Lasagna for 250Php

The Beef Lasagna was okay. It was pre-heated when served, had generous ground beef, a little bland and lacking in wow factor. Maybe because it was not baked fresh when served and was merely heated in the microwave or oven perhaps? The pasta was starting to become difficult, almost leaning to the tough stage but was still easy to scoop out. As I took one spoonful after the other, I tried to analyze. Maybe some more gooey cheese would do the trick or maybe a little more flavor from the meat.

Casa Italia Forbes Town BGC
Medio (2 Scoops) for 195Php

Then of course our gelato serving for this visit. We noticed that some of the flavors were replaced with new ones. Maybe they rotate flavors, switching those that do not appeal to the customers from time to time. They didn't have Green Tea, no Nutella and not even the Mango Yogurt! As usual, we tried a lot of flavors first - Toblerone, Coconut, Tiramisu, Dark Truffle. etc etc. We finally got 2 scoops - Yogurt and Toblerone. The yogurt had a really strong tangy taste, which I liked by the way, that it overpowered the Toblerone. Didn't quite taste anything Toblerone like.

Casa Italia Philippines Gelato Price
Gelato Pricing

I'm petty sure my daughter would ask me to go here again coz she seemed to love the whole game of tasting the gelato flavors first before ordering. 

Also, this place is a great chill out place and since they have ultra fast wifi connection, I'm able to do some online work here with no problem at all. They also have charging ports in almost all tables.

4 out of 5 Stars for Casa Italia's Gelato but only 3 out of 5 Stars for the food!

--- Casa Italia: Forbestown Rd., BGC, Taguig City

***you can also find them here: G/F The Block, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City

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