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It was a nice hot summer day and I was in High Street with my hubby and the little girl to try out Jamba Juice. On our way to the store, we noticed one familiar signage that became our favorite when we were in Boracay -- Aria (you can check out my blog about it here). I could not believe my eyes and was in awe for a few seconds. Just to make sure that I was seeing the right thing, since my eyes are a little blurry than normal, we went near the resto to confirm –- and oh yes, it’s in Manila! We were already full that time and did not want to dive into gluttony so we decided to go back some other time –- SOON!

So, when we already had the chance, we went back to the newly-opened section of Bonifacio High Street to check out the ambiance of Aria (the Manila version). Though the menu was the same, the setting was very different –- but of course, it should be [DIFFERENT]. The place was so formal, with classy furniture and fixtures. It's target market (obviously) was the upper class socio. While we were there, we were surrounded by CEO-looking individuals [flashy coats and jackets] having lunch with their equally-accomplished-looking peers, foreigners and socialites. The place (however) had a very clean feel, with white walls enclosing the space together with white floor tiles and colorful art pieces adding sophistication to the place.

Since we were somehow acquainted with their menu, and anxious to meet their Quattro Formaggi Pizza again, we ordered right away. We got the following –-

Quattro Formaggi Pizza for 525php

We fell in love with this pizza in Boracay and we just have to experience it again. Thin crust pizza, topped with four different cheeses -– Pecorino, Feta, Parmesan and Mozzarella -– it’s a sheer treat to come back for anytime!

Tagliatelle con Tartufo Asparagi e Prosciutto di Parma for 460php

Pasta is just a perfect pair for pizza [in an Italian resto, that is]. Scanning through their menu, we opted to try this creation because we know that you can never go wrong with truffle oil in pasta, having the flavor that is so rich and distinct. Excited to have a taste of this dish, a big lump of pasta is just the way to go. I was, however, disappointed with the taste. It seems that the flavor of the truffle oil got shy because of the butter it was combined with -- a buttery taste dominance was not very delectable. The asparagus, though, was perfectly blanched, leaving it somehow crunchy with it's distinct, nutty flavor in a lively green, natural color.

Tris di Dolci for 380php

For dessert, we wanted to sample as much, so we tried the Tris di Dolci. Three different desserts served all at the same time -- 

1) Panna Cotta al Ciocolatto e Mandorle - cooked cream custard topped with chocolate and almonds
2) Crema Catalana - caramelized custard which is more known as Creme Brulee
3) Tiramisu - classic Italian dessert with layers of Mascarpone cheese, cream and espresso with a dash of cinnamon

Each dessert was a wonderful treat. Crema Catalana was my personal favorite. The only thing that I didn't like was the chocolate topping of the Panna Cotta since it was a tad bit sour. Hubby was enticed by the Tiramisu, being a fan of uncomplicated things.

Frozen Iced Tea for 85php

I was intrigued with how it will be presented so I tried it out. It turned out to be an iced tea shake -- nothing special, just frothy and super cold! During the summer heat, it can be a good choice though.

So, overall, the ambiance was classy, with a not so affordable price when you consider the serving size (but hey, you have to remember as well that it's one of the high end restaurants). I would say that the Boracay version was more relaxed, it being in a beach front location, and I would want to remember Aria that way.

---Aria (Cucina Italia) : Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC, Taguig City
***you can also find them here: Beach front, 'D Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Aklan

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