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Stress and out-of-nowhere road trips and weekend surprises always find its way to our lives, and I would always look for something very comforting to munch on or gulp bottoms up. In this current epoch where people are always looking for healthy, tasty alternatives [from the customary everyday stuff], tea has been one of those that have been definitive in accomplishing that success of stress-relief stardom. 

Born from the boring hot tea [served in tea pots] to the many strains it is now, tea has evolved to the more appealing milk tea and the refreshing fruit variants. Even before the milk tea shindig came about, I have been a fan of Chowking’s NaiCha. I remember before, most people would weird out or shun away the taste, (shying away from it) unknowingly that [sooner or later] milk tea will be the next awesome IN. 

From my all-time best bud Tea.ology to the loveable and wondrous Serenitea, the ever Happy Lemon and my new-found friend Gong Cha, I would always crave for that emerging strong tea taste made subtle by the milk it blends with. My taste buds delight in the addictive blend of leaves (boiled or brewed tea) coupled with fresh, silky milk. Just thinking and writing about it makes me want to have an MTS (milk tea stop).

One not-so great weekend, our little girl hospitalized *frown*, hubby and I got so caught up with everything else that needs to be done -- factoring between slumber-deprived evenings with running errands here, there and all over the place. I badly wanted a timeout (even for just an hour or so). We were able to afford time to go home, freshen up and get back. On return trip, I frantically asked hubby for a quick [milk tea] break. It happened that there was this milk tea shop that I have been ogling for the past months, an establishment along the main road of BetterLiving. So we decided to hop out of the car for a pit stop.
Bon AppeTEA –

Bon AppeTEA -- look at their wall full of post-its!
My favorite corner!
Looking towards the main door
Looking at the store from the outside, the warm lighting and the cozy look of the store was very appealing. Upon entering, a wall of post-its will welcome you. They have stick-ons and colored pens ready for your thoughts and shout outs. (Be sure to leave one!) The store space was simple with about 3 pairs (tables with chairs) and a corner area with some pillows and magazines for those who would want to feel a little bit more comfy. Their menu is proud with an assortment of milk teas, Yakult teas (an innovation becoming a trend), fruit teas and their specialty blends. They also serve some coffee and cocoa creations. After marveling through the menu, we decided to try out the following:

Nirvana for 70php (L)
This is their version of the famous Wintermelon Tea that is blended with Assam Black Tea. Taking a sip, you would right away notice that the tea taste was not as strong and the Wintermelon flavor was hiding (imagining a Wintermelon behind this cup, peeking just by the side). It was also notable that the blend was somewhat watery and the silky milk-tea blend was nowhere to be found. A game drink of hide-and-go-seek?

Ambrosia for 70php (L)
Assam Black Tea mixed with milk and brown sugar syrup; I would say that this one tasted better than the Nirvana. Again, it lacks in that signature strong tea taste I am looking for and is more watery than silky. Fairly not that impressed nor ecstatic about it.

Morocco Nights for 70php (L)
Hubby is a fanatic of things mint and [pepper]mint. This variant is made up of Jasmine Green Tea (which I personally do not like because of the budding flowery aftertaste) infused with peppermint. It’s supposed to be a hit combination but this one had too much peppermint in it giving Jasmine [Green Tea] a vacation.

Matcha Green Tea w/ Salt and Cheese for 110php (L)
I am a self-declared lover of Green Tea Matcha! There is something so addictive in it that I couldn’t help asking for more! The formula of the concoction: a thick frothy-like cheese cream that tops the brew and then completed with salt sprinkles. Taking a sip, this drink reminded me more of the taste of the local pinipig! I tried hard to hunt for the very strong and distinct taste of Matcha but after several attempts, I had to give up. I’m sorry, but this is the most indecent claim of Matcha Green Tea that I have ever had!

Hubby and me
There are still a whole lot of tea variants to try here but failing the Matcha test is an epic turnoff for me. I would say that I can still consider going back to this place, during those desperate milk tea hours, since it’s very near our place and the ambiance is really nice. I would recommend it if you are along BLS, meeting up with friends for a light and easy chill to catch up or just to bum around. And when you visit, don’t forget to write on their post-its. Declare that you have been there by sticking it onto their wall *smile* Hubby says it's always fun and simple to do that.

 ---Bon AppeTEA : 101 Doña Soledad Ave, Better Living Subd. Parañaque

***You can also find them here:
---Presidents Ave., BF Homes Paranaque
---Grd. Floor, Strata 2000 Bldg, Emerald Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig
---Dr. Concepcion Aguila cor. Mendiola St. Manila (Mcdonalds alley between CEU and La Consolacion)
---838-C P. Campa St. Sampaloc, Manila
---196 B. Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge A

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