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Written By clapalisoc on Monday 26 March 2012 | 01:43

One quiet weekday afternoon while at SM Megamall, (clearing out items in our shopping list for a coming gathering) we were just about to head back trotting to the parking lot when we passed by an interesting Japanese Cafe -- Akiba Cafe  (so it declared, at the very least). It was one of those green tea havens in my list (yes, I have a hit list) so when I saw it, I just couldn't pass up the chance. Since we were all tired and in need of a time out (bell rings) from all the buying we did, hubby readily agreed to give it a try (so he can sit down).

Akiba Cafe
Gotta love the lighting!
Akiba Cafe at Megamall, was just a humble open space-type of store that offered about three to four small tables and a couple of chairs.The floor and wall area enclosing the store is made up of wood, giving a very inviting minimalist theme (one that beckons: "Come on in"). Their play with lights also enhanced the overall cozy feel of the cafe. The menu consisted of different base variations: tea, coffee and cream, served to your choice temperature: hot or cold. They also had some chocolate and yogurt creations. Aside from these, they also served a list of cakes and pastries. As they are [very much] celebrated for their green tea creations, and since I am a green tea fanatic, we decided to give the following a try [and blend in].

Matcha (Green Tea) Trifle Tea for 90php (large)
According to [my] research, the term trifle was first used to elucidate thick cream. Here, my ever favorite Matcha Green Tea, was melded with milk, served cold and crowned with Akiba's signature Japanese Trifle Cream. The firm Matcha taste intermingled well with the rich milk that they've used (much like how you can imagine two liquid colors slowly mixing and complementing each other in an inexplicable mosaic art) plus the wonder of the Japanese Trifle Cream that was indeed frothy thick and very creamy. Green Tea Matcha in one of it's genius forms!

Green Tea Cheesecake for 130php
For a green tea lover like myself, nothing can be done better [for me] than a dessert made of the [green tea] stuff. Here, I found true green tea love -- Green Tea Cheesecake!  I was floating in green tea cloud nine! Thick and creamy, its an awe of a cheesecake with a [real] graham cracker base, topped with the lovely Matcha Green Tea powder, you can never go wrong with this piece. Two thumbs up, twice and even more!

There are a couple more refreshments that I would L-O-V-E to try in this cafe by the mall, like their Matcha Yogurt Chiru (Ice Blended) and their Peppermint Matcha Chiru. I will definitely go back (and let you know once I do)! Aside from their menu, the overall impact of the simple space that this Cafe has is something to return to especially during the super [non-kitkat] stress days! Perfect for hanging out, relaxing or even just to take a nice, fresh break.

---Akiba Cafe : 2/F Building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

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