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As usual, hubby and I would opt to dine out instead of cooking at home (usually, we're too hungry to go through all the prep work before being able to eat). Well, it was a lazy Friday noon and we woke up just in time for lunch anyway. Since there was this new restaurant just minutes away from our village, we decided to try it out.

Aryan's, located along East Service Road, is very accessible and easy to find. The restaurant space is huge but the parking area is scarce. It has a provision for a bar where drinks are being concocted -- since they are much alive during the night time to cater to those who would want a relaxed place to chill and have a couple [of drinks].

The dining space was ample, with a provision for smokers right outside the airconditioned area. Another interesting part of the restaurant was the corner with a cabinet bearing all sorts of books for children and magazines for adults. There were also some toys and a kiddie basketball court on one side of the resto.

Looking at the furnishings
Ample space for tables and chairs
A cabinet of books ans toys
Wide windows for more natural light

Their menu boasts of Filipino food with some noodles, grilled items, soups, pasta, sandwiches, pica-pica for beer drinkers and a whole page dedicated to cocktail drinks. We decided to give the following a shot.

Sal & Pepper Fish for 145php
Fish Fillet covered with a perfectly crispy breading seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with green and red bell peppers giving it an enticing look. I must say, this dish lives up to the standards of a Chinese Restaurant's version of Salt & Pepper dishes.

Bicol Express for 165php
All time Filipino favorite, their version was surprisingly not so spicy and you have the option to take it to the next level by incorporating the red chilli on top. The rich taste of the coconut milk blended well with the shrimp paste and tender pork cuts. Indeed a must try!

Sinigang na Baboy for 220php
Another staple Filipino food in every Filipino household. We ordered this one, though it's not in the menu, for the little girl. It's just your usual tamarind soup, nothing special. The only thing notable was that they serve it with an extra bowl of soup with some veggies (which we really appreciated).

Yang Chow Fried Rice for 120php
Generously topped with an assortment of ingredients, this piece has a fighting chance when compared to those found in Chinese restaurants. You must give this a try.

Green Tea Iced Tea for 55php
This did not meet my expectations. It's the usual green tea in a bag that goes best with hot water. They made the effort to make it a cold drink by adding ice and some sugar which made the drink taste like flavored water. I wish they added more effort in preparing it.

Aryan's Iced Tea for 65php
Powdered iced tea mixed with some other ingredients and I'm guessing that a hint of beer was added. It's a refreshing new taste of iced tea but the price does not bring justice to the quantity.

There is really nothing "wow" with the dining experience and the ambiance could be better during the night time, which we are planning to try out. We were also interested in trying out their cocktail drinks and pica-pica which could be their specialty. But anyway, overall, it was a good dining experience with the staff being friendly and attentive and willing to customize orders according to the requests of customers.

---Aryan's Restaurant : East Service Road, Bicutan Paranaque City

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