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It was a demanding Saturday and we were strictly following a schedule to make sure that we accomplish everything in our check list. Right after Cherienne's check-up, we headed to SM so we can shop for some stuff for our fast-growing girl (gee, you wouldn't believe how fast kids grow at this stage!). After about two hours of constant walking and cruising through the department store [and some other retail stores in the mall], we came to the realization that we were too hungry to go on. We decided to stop and look for a place to dine. 

We didn't have a particular cuisine or food type in mind that time since all we wanted to do was sit down and eat. Right before turning to the corner for the escalator, we saw an unfamiliar restaurant, (that could have been there for months now) that never caught any attention before -- Stavro's. It offers Mediterranean food, something out of the usual Chinese or Italian, so we decided to give it a go (with a doubt since it was not keen as it looked and presented itself to be genuinely serving speciality food).

Stavro's SM Bicutan

Entire store space from wall to wall. Take a look at the furniture and fixtures

Goofing around while waiting for the food
The store space was not really as substantial as we'd hope it to be. It had around 7 to 8 tables with chairs and if the place should get packed, there would be very minimal elbow space to move about. The tables were not as classy with your regular chairs that did not match in material nor design. There were also very few fixtures and the only store design were the stretch of paintings in each side wall. The menu didn't have as much, compared to other Mediterranean restaurants. With all this, we decided to give the following Stavro's a shot with these for sampling.

Mousaka for 225php

A look at what's inside - yummy!
As it sounded different, and hubby had been able to try it abroad, I got curio and decided to give it a try. When it was served, it looked as if my plain old friend Lasagna was what I ordered for. I was intrigued with how it tasted since the cheese was overflowing and bursting with goodness. Ingeniously layered eggplant slices, ground beef, white sauce, mozzarella and finished off with red sauce and top loads more of mozzarella cheese, then perfectly baked, the dish is a sure fire hit! It's as if you're eating Lasagna with the pasta replaced by the eggplant slices. I swear, you will not notice that you are in fact ingesting the healthy eggplant! It was creamy and cheesy and every spoonful is crazy, healthy (well, not so healthy, maybe) heaven!

Lamb Gyro for 150php
Much more like its cousin, Shawarma, this dish was made up of a different version of meat, grilled tender lamb cut into bite-sized pieces, serving as the workings of a rolled pita bread with some veggies and then served with dips and French Fries. The dips were the usual in any Mediterranean Resto -- a white colored one that's conjured from garlic and a red colored concoction that's made from chili and tomatoes. Combining the dips with the dish is just perfect. 

Chicken Kebab for 199php
When we ordered for this, we were thinking of the usual Kebab on a stick kind of thing. When it was served, it was more like your ordinary viand without the stick. It was also served with rice (which came as a surprise). So, we checked on the menu again and realized that we missed on the part that says "served with rice." Anyway, the chicken slices were thick and tender and full of flavor. Hubby enjoyed this dish. It also came with a yohgurt dip and another dip that was tomato-based.

Spaghetti Pomodoro for 195php
Since hubby was looking for a sour pasta, this one was just right for his craving. Aldente spaghetti pasta with a generous serving of tomato and basil sauce, the freshness of the tomatoes was notable in this dish. 

I must say that the taste of the dishes served here justified their prices but you have to be cautious on the price of their beverages -- quite a bit unreasonable. Take a look below.

Beverages ranging from 40-60php

Here is the rest of their menu

So, if you are looking for some Kebab and Mediterranean goodness with prices that's a bit lower than the usual Mediterranean Restaurants, try looking for Stavro's. I can't promise that it's a classy place to dine in but the food will surely tickle your palette. And oh, the staff were really accommodating and friendly. (Thumbs up to the staff!)

---Stavro's Kebab & Mediterranean House : SM Bicutan, Dona Soledad Ave., Better Living, Paranaque City

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