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In my 27 years of existence within this Earth, I have been very easy to please. I do not really ask for material things as part of my wish list whenever there are exchange gift events, a need to put in inklings of wanton or whenever my birthday transpires. The most that I would ask for would be either readables or eatables (specially the sweet stuff). I am, however, specific with the book titles that soothe the desire of feeding my mind and [overly] specific with the food I want to satiate my olfactorius 'and stomachus senus . Last week, as my birthday drew near, I put in a request for two specific things that I wanted -- all the cake (yes, all the cake) that I want from Secret Recipe and the infamous Estrel's Caramel Cake. Hubby got me both indulgences [and I have yet to claim my Secret Recipe present].  Estrel's had been engraved on my "love" list for nearly about a year now, growing with age and almost piled over with its loyal keeper Amnesia, due to the distance of the store from our Paranaque home and not being able to prioritize a visit. My birthday was the perfect time to "chance" for us to hunt down "pass by" the bakeshop.

Estrel's Bakeshop

We've planned an out-of-the-area expedition for me and my daughter's [advanced] birthday gimmick. We certainly had to visit Estrel's the day before. Checking the address of Estrel's on the internet, we cruised by the streets and sides of Quezon City on a hot Friday morning. Armed with only my [phone's] GPS and his driver's instincts, we were able to (finally) get to the store.

Counter area
One side of the humble store

Inside, you will feel no air of grandeur -- no display of glorious cakes, no fancy decors or colorful delicacies encased in glass tables and displays. The website was accurate in saying that they were more leaning towards the made-to-order kind of bakeshop, which offers very limited options when you walk-in. As it was our first time, we settled for what we can try out without the pre-order -- eight inches of a round cake covered with caramel and keeps filling in its core, no other design other than cute, small flowers pipped out from the makings of what seems like butter icing. As simple as it is, the cake was classy and enticing. What a beauty, hubby said. In hubby's opinion (as he disclaims being an expert), he found that the essence within those cakes was the art of making the masterpieces because of how simple it presents itself and how one realizes and appreciates its humble [but rightful] claim of a perfect cake every piece, every time.

All boxed up!
Our birthday cake!

The way they make their caramel cakes was indeed old school -- no preservatives, must consume on the date of purchase, limited designs playing with just flowers and icing, a plain, two-layered chiffon with filling in the middle and a bit shy from the fondants we see trending these days. Simple yet elegant.

Caramel cake slice
For 100php

We also got a cake slice since I am too giddy to wait for the next day to sample the enfamed cake. As soon as we got home (and after some snap shots), I dove into the cake slice. Soft and melts-in-your-mouth chiffon goodness with a very rich caramel icing experience was all my senses were going crazy about moments from the first bite! I thought that since it was caramel, it should present itself to be very sweet but I was surprised with its welcome. The caramel sauce, ganache or icing, or whatever you want to call it, was not too sweet, just right and boasts of rich, milky [caramel] goodness (thanks to Alaska condensed milk!). Once you start digging in, you won't be able to stop! 

Some of the ready to go boxes
Orders waiting for pick-up

They also don't offer a lot of products -- aside from the caramel cake, they had leche flan, food for the gods, Sansrival and apple squares. You'll have more size and design options too if you put your order in early (give them a call before dropping by). Looking at their neat and nifty, hole-in-the-wall QC store, the shelves were full of boxed cakes, ready to greet walk-in customers and most, sitting and waiting for those who ordered them in advance (much like children waiting for their parents to pick them up from school).

It was indeed a happy birthday for me and for my little girl. We enjoyed every bit of the cake -- as did the whole family! Everybody loves a good cake and even better if you could share. Two thumbs up Estrel's!

---Estrel's : 54 Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga Streets, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City

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