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Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 16 May 2012 | 03:47

From the series of hubby birthday presents, he prepared for a cake-all-you-can treat at Secret Recipe within The Fort, BGC just for me. This is the first time that I am blogging onsite -- literally blogging while in the store, having a nice time eating all the cake that I want. So, here we go!

Their space here at The Fort store was impressive -- proud and spacious, well-lit with chandeliers and a very nice combo of white and red paint. The staff: welcoming, all smiles and extra customer service. The only thing I didn't favor was the air conditioning system -- it was so hot. I was thinking that maybe it was because there were just two tables occupied, including ours, during the lean hour of our visit (around 2:30 in the afternoon) so they saved on energy. Anyway, I started right away with my treat while hubby and the little girl checked the menu and ordered food that they would like to munch and nibble on while cheering on the sweet-toothed mom.

First off -- White Strawberry Cake

Rich and not-so-sweet strawberry filling layered in between soft and melt-in-your-mouth vanilla chiffon cake, covered with a snow white and creamy icing and finished off with more strawberry sauce. I can actually finish a whole cake! Looking at the cake also gives you a nice candy feeling, having it sit for a moment while you admire the pretty thing.

The Second Serving -- Mocha Walnut Cake

Three layers of the already familiar melt-in-your-mouth chiffon cake, mocha-flavored this time, with mocha cream filling in between and wrapped off with a generous drizzle of walnuts. Nutty-nice cake!

Third Serving -- Golden Nugget Cake

The name of the cake is not a give away of what it's made of. I had to turn my super taste buds power on for this one <wink>. Okay, I strongly believe that the cake used for this was banana cake, period (done with a fork held in an upright position on top of the table). It has a thick, dark chocolate filling in between layers of chiffon and then gently covered with light brown butter icing and finished off with crushed nuts on top. This cake was the sweetest of those I've tried thus far.

Fourth Serving -- Almond Coffee Cake

Onto my fourth [cake], I must really commend their base chiffon cake (which has become friendly to my palette by this time). Here, three layers of coffee-drunk chiffon have been layered with lavish [coffee] flavored butter icing with beautiful almond shavings. It's then wrapped with the same butter icing and comes into full circle with sneaky and peeking chocolate chips. Talk about coffee overload! *smile*

As I get ready for my next wonder, the apologetic staff (courteous as sorry as they were) told me that they don't have other cakes available at the moment. My heart broke a while, but recovered when told that I can just repeat any of those that I've already had. So, I got three more of the White Strawberry Cake, it being my favorite of all I as able to sample.

My treat also came with an unlimited drink with the following selections :

- brewed coffee
- hot Jasmine Green Tea
- hot Earl Grey Tea
- hot English Breakfast Tea

My CUP of brewed coffee that came with fresh milk
Low Calorie Sugar Substitute
I opted for the choice of brewed coffee considering how I will badly need the stretch for work dreading ahead.

As a side trip, hubby and the little girl ordered for the following --

Kid's Fish and Chips for 190php

A crispy, golden brown slab of fried fish fillet that came with equally crispy potato letters -- definitely child friendly! The dish came with a slice of lemon to drizzle and ketchup for dipping. The taste was nothing special though (fish is as fish does) but the little girl enjoyed the potato letters [announcing each one before their untimely digestion]!

Smarties Treat for 150php

We originally wanted to order Banana Split but it was not available because they didn't have bananas. We chose this because of the Smarties (marvel at how fun they look). A tall glass occupied to the brim of chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and smarties. A simple dessert as it was, Cherienne definitely had a goody-good time with this treat!

Okay now, let me take you to a "tour" of their store in BGC --

Starting by their front door, you'll see this display counter full of pre-ordered cakes

Turn right, and you'll find this as your view -- some of the lined up tables and chairs with a "coach" like feel

Move a little forward and turn to your left and you'll see the whole stretch of the front counter with another display for sweet goodies 

Move towards the end of the counter, as seen above, and turn to your right to see the elevated area with more tables and chairs

Turn to your left and you'll see the other part of the store leading towards the back door which will take you to the FREE parking area

Here is a better view of the area in the picture above coming from the elevated part

You see, as I've told you, there is plenty of space in this resto. They even cater to baptisms, birthday parties, seminars and whatever event you have in mind.

My cutiepie in her glasses, waiting for the next cake
She definitely enjoyed the treat! Messy messy mouth!
Even though they did not have all the cake I wanted to try and it was a bit stuffy inside the establishment, we totally had a wonderful time. We spent around three hours, playing around with the gadgets we brought, and the staff were so kind enough not to mind. Cherienne was also extra hyper (powered by sugar coming from the cakes and ice cream) and murdered some of my cake slices so we had to ask for a lot of tissue. We would definitely go back! See you again Secret Recipe!

---Secret Recipe : Level 1, 32nd St. cor. 5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio

***you can also find them here:
---Level 4, Robinson's Midtown, Ermita, Manila
---Level 5, Shangri-La Mall, Shaw Blvd.
---Level 2, Mega Atrium, Megamall, Mandaluyong City

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