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French Baker has been in the pastry (and gastro) industry for quite some time now. I remember getting some good tasting Danish, muffins and chocolate chip cookies as “pasalubong” from my Grandma when I was a little child. I have marveled since then about what kind of wonderland French Baker was all about. When I went to Manila to study, I got a very good grasp of everything that this store has to offer. The bread and pastries were enough but having discovered their restaurant was a blessing. I became an instant fan.

Just around March of this year, we were in MOA to take care of some stuff. We got hungry in between walking and shopping making hubby decide to stop and get some grub. Hubby asked me, as usual, where I wanted to dine and I took the chance to ask if French Baker was alright. Since hubby has not tried the resto yet, we decided to settle there.

French Baker Mall of Asia
Blurred family picture under the shrub :D
They have a whole lot of branches all over the Metro but the one in MOA was so nice. It has high tables and chairs under artificial shrubs. Of course we opted to dine “under the shrub” for a feel good lunch. The store was actually inviting, being warmly lit, exuding class and elegance. You will not miss taking a second look when you pass by. Inside, it has this dreamy star-starry night cozy feel. We spent several minutes just looking around before resolving to order.

Scanning though their menu, we gave the following a try –-

Lasagna Verde for 159php

I was trying to be healthy that day so instead of ordering the usual meat Lasagna, I opted for the veggie delight version. Layers of spinach lasagna stuffed with roasted carrots, zucchini, broccoli, onions and garlic with tomato based sauce and generous heaping of mozzarella cheese. The sauce was a little bit sour for my taste, but that’s just me. It was well complimented by the ooey gooey cheese anyway.

Hickory Spareribs with Rice for 194php

A good slab of spareribs, rubbed with tasty Hickory Smoke marinade, grilled ‘til tender. The sour and salty blend of the marinade sipped through the meat, making hubby finish his meal in an instant (barely sharing it with me). The dish came with a complementary soup and served with rice that was beautifully garnished with blanched veggie sticks that were crunchy and somewhat sweet.

Mint Lemonade 46php per glass

Totally refreshing! If you are a fan of mint, you gotta try this! Not too sour lemonade, served cold, with minty goodness. It’s garnished with fresh lemon slices to add beauty. Also notice how they served water -- clear bottle with orange slices and mint leaves giving that hint of citrusy and a little minty flavor. Simple, but definitely nice.

Since hubby can’t get over of the gastro experience, we visited another branch the following weekend in SM Megamall. Here, we gave the following a go –-

Chicken Cordon Bleu for 189php

The ever popular dish re-invented here. Thin chicken fillet rolled with butter and cheese, coated with sourdough bread crumbs and then deep-fried to golden brown perfection. Served on top of a creamy herb sauce with pan-grilled veggies on the side, this dish also came in with a complimentary soup and a choice of rice or bread roll. The meat was dry and the cheese did not stand out, which was usually not the case with good ‘ol Cordon Bleu dishes, but the herb cream sauce saved the day!

Chicken Pesto Spaghetti for 170php

Hubby’s favorite! Creamy version of the classic pesto –- made with fresh basil leaves, nuts, garlic, EVOO and parmesan cheese smothered over aldente spaghetti. This dish came with pan–grilled chicken pieces with French garlic bread on the side. The pesto taste was strong, just the way we like it, and freshness was evident. More pesto please!

Chili Con Carne for 165php

Another all time favorite of ours! Even though hubby is not fond of spicy food (since he tends to perspire a lot – I mean, A WHOLE LOT), he has a bias over a selected few which included this. Generous portion of chili, meat and bean sauce poured over a sausage in a bun. The meal came with nachos, on the side, with cheese sauce and a simple salsa salad. A sure knock out spicy treat!

German Sausage with Potato Salad for 140php

Long and meaty German sausage in a crusty steak roll topped with cheese sauce (or specifically, Mornay sauce as stated in their menu) and finished off with bacon bits. This meal came with chunky potato salad.

Four Seasons Caraffe (1000ml) for 158php

Refreshingly good version that has a very mild flavor. It was served in a clear bottle that had some orange slices and mint leaves in it.

Banana Split for 160php

Since the little girl kept on asking for ice cream that day, daddy granted her wish with the all time favorite Banana Split. Their version was simply irresistible!  A big cobbler of the usual banana split ice cream flavors –  vanilla, chocolate and strawberry – on top of chunks of French Baker’s signature chocolate brownie, drizzled with chocolate syrup, topped with more brownie crumbs and finished off with a faithful banana (cut into halves). Since it was so hot that day, the ice cream melted away before even reaching our table. But, nonetheless, the treat was oh so goody good!

Hubby & Cherienne - drinking session
Aside from their nice ambiance and reasonably priced good food, their customer service was exemplary. They would attend to your every request with a gleaming smile. Also, they were friendly with kids.  No wonder they have maintained their spot in the ever growing food industry. They actually have 30 branches around the Metro! Kudos French Baker!

-French Baker : G/F SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City & G/F Bldg. B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

***check out their website for the other branches!

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  1. love their bread too!! recently tried the pasta and yah, it was good. :) too bad their branches aren't too close to our house.


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